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Reyna Looks Happy with Her Man on Instagram (TGLA Exclusive)

Reyna Morales from The Getaway Los Angeles (#TGLA) hangs with her boyfriend and we're absolutely obsessed.

It's no surprise that a "new bitch alert" was blaring through the blogs, according to Reyna herself. She's a mother, a tattoo guru and unapologetically happy. And we're here for it. Reyna joined the cast during their last trip to Big Bear, and according to sources, she's adding the spice the show may need to finish strong.

Reality TV is a spectacle of personalities living out their daily lives while doing the simplest things – hanging out, sunbathing with friends, drinking... washing their hands while singing Happy Birthday. You get it. It makes for a particularly wistful form of escapism during the COVID-19 age of quarantine regulations. One of the most successful shows at BTV Digital Studios is an unscripted reality series called, Shine, that follows undiscovered artists looking to find their break in the music industry. It's all underground. It's all authentic. And this year the series producers announced they would be giving the series a facelift to cater to the reality tv lovers out there - that's us.

It's important to find a special group of personalities that will light up our living rooms week after week. The judges at Shine have found that special chemistry and now one thing is for sure, we're living for Reyna's new man and all their happy smiles together. Could she be an important ingredient to the TGLA cast?

Learn more about Reyna when the show premieres this Summer.

She may not be in the front half of the season, but it seems she will help make sure they finish strong.


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