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Reyna Morales Poses with New Man (TGLA Exclusive)

A new story unravels on Instagram Thursday night. Click here.

Reyna Morales poses with her new man, while her ex calls her out. Reyna talks about the hardships with her former partner on her new series The Getaway: Los Angeles, coming this Summer. "It was hard," she told her friends during their trip to Big Bear. Choking back tears, Reyna got vulnerable about where she came from and how it has effected her life up to now.

“She must’ve sent the kid with her father to do this shoot,” he posted to the comment section of @thegetawayla's first introductory post about Reyna joining the show.

The comment has since been deleted by him.

Though she might not be getting along with her ex, Reyna seems to be living happy and unbothered. What do you think?

Catch Reyna this Summer when she opens up about her business, her family and her relationships on the show.


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