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Richy Jackson Talks Choreography on Jojo Siwa's "Dream"

The successful choreographer, Richy Jackson, who created iconic moves for artists like Lady Gaga, Puff Daddy, Katy Perry, Nicki Minaj, Ariana Grande and more, opens up about his choices on Jojo Siwa's "Dream" music video.

Richy Jackson, BTV Insider. Wearing pink with silver stars on his face. Lady Gaga's choreographer.
Richy Jackson

Jackson has been working with Gaga for more than a decade, and between Super Bowl halftime shows, Grammy performances and other creative collaborations, the pair is a force within the music industry.

A few weeks ago, the dance guru sat down on Mihran TV to open up about Siwa's hit song "Dream" - a single that tracked more than 144M views on YouTube in a colorful explosion of youthful fun. And he was behind all the creative movement.

Jackson may not be the star you know, but he is the person the stars go to when they want that extra pizzazz. He has worked and continues to work with some of the greatest and most iconic pop acts of the millennium, lending his creative insight to those who need it.

When Jackson collaborated with Siwa, his golden touch helped Siwa succeed again, and in a big way. The two met on the set of Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition, a spin-off competition starring the Dance Moms' star, Abby Lee Miller. Jackson and Miller discovered Siwa in the show's second season, where Siwa was then ushered into the Dance Moms cast almost immediately. And the rest is history.

During his sit down, Jackson talked about the "Dream" team's ups and downs in the making of the music video, and how much of what they created was "on the spot." He didn't leave any details out.

It's no secret he loves Siwa and the work on this video shows just how much fun they had. Don't miss more from Mihran TV and a look behind some of the most successful choreographers in the business, right here on BTV Insider.


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