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Rosa Meija Drops Out of Shine Due to Pregnancy

BTV Insider can confirm exclusively that powerhouse vocalist, Rosa Mejia, will not be in the next episode of Shine. Watch her audition below.

When Meija returned, after much controversy surrounding her last season's elimination, fans were excited. It's no surprise fans wanted to see her further explanation about what happened in the year prior. Many rumors flew around online regarding the talented vocalist, but fans didn't know what was true.

In the 7th episode titled "The Truth Will Set You Free", Rosa returns and immediately puts the judges at odds. After a commercial break, Brandon Stewart, judge and creator of the series, kicks off the confusion in his confessional asking, "Who's coming to audition?"

Rosa Meija wearing a hat and a sundress in Shine Season 3 audition. It took place in Louisville Kentucky at CORE art gallery where Rosa spoke about her tike last season and sang Anyone by Demi Lovato.
Rosa Meija, Shine Season 3

Then right on the heels of Stewart's question, fellow judge and rapper, 2'Live Bre laughs, asking "Who made this decision?" When a producer behind the camera admits to Bre that it was a last minute decision late the night before. Ashthon Jones, Grammy Winner and judge, adds to the confusion asking if "that's a thing we all decided, because [she] didn't get the memo."

After arriving, Meija wastes no time opening up about her time on the show last season. This is what we were all waiting for! "I've been working on myself," Meija said. Stewart chimes in during another confessional interview with a little bit of the backstory.

Sources close to Meija told BTV Insider that she has always had respect for the show and the judges. "She had a lot on her plate last season and that's why she was acting out of character," another source said.

During flashbacks to the previous season, and Rosa's heartfelt apology, the fans learned she battled an eating disorder. The tea was also spilled on a relationship she shared with another competitor, Joey Phantom, leaving the judges to find a hickey on his neck. So it's safe to say her focus wasn't on the competition as much as she and the judges might have hoped.

Brandon Stewart, Ashthon Jones and 2'Live Bre on Shine Season 3 matching in pink as they talk to a contestant in an audition. The judges are in Louisville, Kentucky at KORE art gallery.
Brandon Stewart, Ashthon Jones and 2'Live Bre, Shine Season 3

Meija decided to audition this season with "Anyone" by Demi Lovato, in an emotional connection that even brought one of the judges to tears.

"We all face challenges everyday," Stewart said. The judges followed suit, admitting nobody is perfect and taking care of your mental health is very important. Bre has since opened up about his own mental health, talking more about his own obstacles.

Rosa Meija from Shine on Brandon TV (BTV) has a newborn baby and her name is Faye.
Rosa Meija's newborn baby, Faye

The singer will not be returning to the show due to a baby on the way. The news came after a long, unexpected break from filming. And since, Meija has had her new baby girl Faye, and added another to the mix, making her a mommy of two.

Though fans may be sad to hear she won't be returning to the series this season, sources close to Meija say she may be coming back next year. It's hard to say now her hands are full.

Shine returns ALL NEW tomorrow night, as the Top 40 go head to head in the most explosive season yet. Stewart recently tweeted "Y'all better watch this Sunday. There's literally a walk off on the first episode back..."

Who could he be talking about?


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