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RUSTY CAMEL: Season 2?

The masterful comedy, packed with the wildest of one-liners, wrapped out with an intricate season finale on September 2nd. Rusty Camel left us on the edge of our seats as the tech gurus, led by a dazzling performance by Daniel O'Reilly, brought a successful run to BTV's first scripted series. But should we expect a season 2?

Maybe yes, and maybe no. Keep reading.

Rusty Camel is a mockumentary that follows dysfunctional film house in Los Angeles who find struggle building their business. Scooter Vance, played by O'Reilly, was crass, addicting and furiously amoral. Joined by equally outstanding performances by Ed Galvez, Kayla Moore, Brandon Stewart, Kathy Kaehler, Bubba Ganter and Bryan Espino, alongside guest appearances from Kelly Rebecca Walsh and David Alan Graf, who's onscreen chemistry was refreshing from the show's younger cast.

The series ran during the COVID-19 shutdown exclusively on YouTube, but will be expanding with a rerun of the first season on Facebook Watch, where the producers are hopeful "it should bring a wider reach for the series, with Facebook users polling around the 50-64 demo," producer Joel Parent said. There is no official date set for the Facebook Watch premiere. Rusty Camel is produced by BTV Digital Studios and Switchkill Productions. It was produced by Andrew Young, who created the series, Parent, and Brandon Stewart, who served as director for the series, with Amber Bohac serving as co-producer. BTV distributes the series worldwide.

Following the premiere, an article hit Buzzfeed that set the the tone for the show. "The writing keeps you on your toes. It’s politically incorrect and pushes social boundaries without totally crossing them," Dani Abraham wrote. "It gave me a little something fresh to watch during quarantine." For those who have watched Rusty Camel from the start, it can be easy to take the writing for granted, but its roots are something to marvel at. Every joke, zinger and punch breaks way for uncomfortable conversation during a time many needed it most.

In many ways, the comedy in Rusty Camel was darker than anything else online, apart from the news itself. You root for the characters, while simultaneously hoping they fail, considering each of them harness unlikeable perspectives based on politics today. As comedy can sometimes steer from attacking groups of people, Rusty Camel makes certain no one is safe. "It opens the door for conversation," Stewart said. The rhythmic speed, wit and vicious eye for the sheer ridiculousness provides the audience with plenty awful situations week after week.

Young told us he wanted to thank everyone for watching each week, "You really kept us going and I appreciate your support from the very beginning." Young then hinted at a possible season 2, "If our fans speak up, we would have no choice but to renew. I never say never." Currently BTV has put the show on hiatus. Stewart said, "We're looking at some cable channels and streaming conglomerates who are acquiring interest and are hoping an offer comes through that we like."

Young and Stewart are focused on diversifying their scripted department, while Parent has already began production on unscripted original series, #Getaway.


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