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Serving Face and Serving Facts

Well hello beautiful people!

I can’t believe the time has finally come to fix the mess we’ve fallen into. Our country was led by an orange faced, outer-space-born monster. Oop!

Moving on... the last week or so has been amazing for the sole fact that it’s been summer in LA once again. And it's January.

I’ve been spending my time at the beach, catching up with my chosen fam and eating my way through life as usual. Four hour lunches for life! I don’t wanna live in a world without em.

Or without high kicks on rooftops at sunset ☀️ on Sunset.

Had an amazing picnic on the beach in Malibu today with my girl Michelle. Kasi was too busy to join... as per ushe.

But of course it was 100000000x more fun without her. I actually haven’t seen Kasi for like two weeks...


I mean, it's no wonder I’ve been in such a good mood.

Tonight I’m with my boys booking a trip to Tulum! So here I am, licensed cosmetologist, with my friend who’s a lawyer, painting each other’s nails while we plan our trip.

Who did it better??? I think we both failed.

See ya next week!

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