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Serving Tea in a Champagne Flute 🥂

I always get on here and never know what to say.

Let's back it up. My blogs are always short, but my mouth ain't eva'. My opinions never come from a negative place, I love everybody, but sometimes people are annoying. So first things first, there is a lot going on.

My aunt caught COVID-19 and passed away, the holidays are making me irritated and my friends are bringing some tea. And let me tell you, it's a whole lotta spicy tea. Wanna know more? Keep reading LOL.

I am still getting through my aunt's passing. I just went to her funeral. You know how I feel about my family. It's tough. Around the holidays, as I mentioned in my last blog, it gets a bit depressing. I try to be upbeat and positive, but it's hard. Which is why this holiday season, has been hard too. I'm trying to keep a smile on my face.

I think I've been doing a good job. What I'm most hopeful about with my friends, is turning my negative experiences around the holidays into positive ones.

I always be having busy weeks at work. I am a merchandising manager for a clothing apparel conglomerate. And that's about all I'm gonna say on that LOL.

So I got a little time off of work, and decided to surprise everyone in Big Bear. It was actually really nice and everybody was happy to see me; well, acted like they were. No, but we had a really good time. Yotta, yotta, yotta.

When it came time to go shopping, I found out some pipping hot tea about what I had missed on the trip. From Marlene falling down the stairs, to people grabbing asses, our group is not short of entertaining. The moment I walked in the door, to the time I walked out...

I had a champagne flute in my hand. Yes bitch, I was drinking.

All in all though, it was a really good time. Now I'm sitting back at Brandon and Joel's, spilling on what all happened this weekend. What's coming next? We have a charity event this Friday at Demetre and Roberto's.

Catch me next week.


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