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Shine Delays Upcoming Episode to Prep Possible Reunion

The hit online series, Shine, is taking a one-week delay as the producers tease pre-production on a possible reunion surrounding the season three drama.

Ashthon Jones gets tough with one of the judges on Shine, Brandon TV "BTV" available to stream on Sunday nights.
Ashthon Jones, Shine Season 3

The idea fans could bear witness to any sort of resolution between the various issues that have plagued the Shine cast this season, could be more than entertaining, it's a needed feeling of closure.

By the end of each season, we know the competition crowns one hopeful as their rising star to take the industry by storm. Last year's winner, Dakota Hayden, has found much success following the show.

Now that this season is filled with so many unpredictable feuds, the audience isn't exactly given resolution. Once an artist is sent home, they pack their bags and are gone that night.

Jamel White on Shine Season 3 on Brandon TV. BTV. Reality TV Fights. Reality TV Show. Webseries.
Jamel White during a heated debate in the study hall on Shine, Season 3

The appeal of a reunion is obvious - it's TV gold to see your favorite personalities from the season of the show reunite to hash out their shady commentary and the decisions they made. In the early years, when reality TV’s fourth wall was much more rigid, reunions were not always a necessity, and talk about all the behind-the-scenes details of filming would seem unprofessional. But now, the formula has made for captivating reality TV over the years.

Courtney Holloway, Aprina Johnson on Shine Season 3 on Brandon TV. BTV. Reality TV Fights. Reality TV Show. Webseries.
Courtney Holloway and Aprina Johnson after a walk out during eliminations on Shine

Would you want to see a reunion with the season three Shine cast at the end of the show's run? We know we would. Catch new episodes on Sunday nights, only on BTV.


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