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Shine is Back on Friday, December 10th

It's true, Shine is coming back on December 10th and December 17th for the final rounds of auditions. But that's not all, the judges dish on more.

Courtesy of Shine's Instagram

We sat down with the judges of the hit web series on BTV, and they all had plenty to spill. The judges consist of creator, Brandon Stewart and Grammy Winner, Ashthon Jones, who have both been on the panel since the first season, as well as Rhythm and Flow's 2'Live Bre who joined in the second season. Individually, they've all reached accolades that impress, but together they're striving to new heights.

The third season is hitting the highest ratings yet.

Jones' weighed in on how she felt about having to wait for the return and we agreed with her when she said, "it's been hard." Jones has been an advocate for BTV since the first episode of Shine aired in 2017.

"It takes time to build what we have here. I mean look at BTV now, just launching a talent division and that's taken a great deal of time to structure internally. Which is exactly what Shine is all about. Artist first." Ashthon told us. "We couldn't properly promote the artists like we wanted so a hiatus was the best decision."

2'Live Bre followed her and put our worries to bed. "Y'all forget Shine was the first of its kind. No cap. We (are) changing the game. Shine was the first to really take artists and give them a platform for their own music."

Stewart was nodding and said "it's all a part of our plan. Shine was the show that launched it all. It's really moving quickly, a lot quicker than I expected, but opportunity doesn't wait for anyone."

Courtesy of Shine

BTV Insider then asked what we could expect during the remainder of this season.

"What can they expect guys?" Stewart looked at them. They all laughed.

"What can't they expect?" Jones asked Stewart in response. They all laughed again. "It's actually impressive how much the show has matured in just 5 short years." Jones said. She continued, "we're more than a discovery platform. We are entertaining and that's because Brandon, Bre and I have spent so much time together, and have been on reality TV competition platforms like this one."

"Yeah, but this one is different than any we've been on," 2'Live Bre interrupted.

Courtesy of Shine's Instagram

"That's true," Jones told him. "But like... you know how it is when you're in front of the (judging) table and when you're behind it. We take time in between seasons because it takes time to find real, committed talent. We're launching our own record label. So this is a big deal."

A record label? You heard it here first. The trio isn't just stopping at the #1 competition web series in America, but they're expanding.

"Well, she let the cat out of the bag with that one didn't she?" Stewart joked. "We were saving that announcement for the top of the year, but I guess that's fine to run that now."

"It's true!" Jones reiterated with a smile.

"We're lining up possibilities for them with publishing, licensing, touring, collaborating and more," 2'Live Bre said. "We're goin' up."

Our next question was how it could effect future seasons? Which of course led us to ask if there would be future seasons.

"It is going to only help elevate our talent," Stewart told us. "Further seasons are a necessity for me. It's important to me to continue to give opportunities to kids that want it; (and) really want it. As Ashthon said, BTV just launched a talent division, we have our own signed content creators, I'm all about putting the creative first and building an environment that just helps them thrive."

He continued, "Shine is truly changing lives. It's changed ours."

BTV Insider wanted to know what the rest of the season's distribution schedule would look like for the viewers and we got the scoop.

Courtesy of Shine's Instagram

The series will return for two episodes next month, on Friday December 10th and Friday December 17th. The contents of those episodes will give us the final look at the Top 40 artists chosen for the next round, and a preview of what's coming.

We are unsure when the remainder of the season will drop, but we're told it will be early in 2022. What we do know about the remainder of the season is that the judges didn't go easy on the Top 40.

BTV Insider can also confirm, following the auditions, the finalists moving to the next round all stayed in the same hotel together. Not only will that put a whole new spin on the show, but it could really turn up the heat when all the personalities clash.

"It was quite an experience," 2'Live Bre said. "We had folks crushing, folks fighting and some folks-"

"Bre!" Stewart interrupted him. Jones was laughing. "It's going to be good," Jones said. "Just wait, it'll make it all that much sweeter."

We can't wait! Drop the episodes already. Don't forget to check back for more exclusive updates from all things Shine, as well as updates from several of your other BTV favorites.


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