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Shine Promises Explosive Return in Tonight's Episode

The #1 online singing competition in America, Shine, is back and better than ever.

Ashthon Jones, Brandon Stewart, 2'Live Bre on set of Shine promoting the return of Season 3 on BTV Brandon TV
Shine is back TONIGHT on BTV

The long-awaited return has taken almost 6 months since the last episode aired. Producers promised it would come back with a big splash, and so far, it is promising just that.

Brandon Stewart, creator of the series and judge on the panel, tweeted "Y'all better watch this Sunday. There's literally a walk off on the first episode back."

There has also been subtle confirmations about spin-off shows around the Shine brand. When will they announce any of that? Who knows. But we do know it is coming. As for the current season airing on Sunday nights, the competition is currently at the Top 40. A list of those contestants has not been released yet from the production.

Tonight's episode will focus on the contestants facing their first challenge. Fans will get a closer look at who some of the chosen artists from the audition tour are. They will join the judges at Butler Park, a state resort located in the mountains of Kentucky, for a variety of training during their week-long stay.

Before their mid-season break, the judges teased a new record label coming soon. In the episode, we can confirm Grammy Winner and judge, Ashthon Jones, will talk more about it. The panel, comprised of Stewart, Jones and hip-hop artist from Netflix's series Rhythm and Flow, 2'Live Bre, are looking to fill their freshman roster at the label during the course of this season.

Brandon Stewart, 2'Live Bre and Ashthon Jones, Shine Season 3 Audition Tour. Brandon TV. BTV. The judges are seen laughing and enjoying themselves while looking for their next winner. They just recently launched a record label.
Brandon Stewart, 2'Live Bre and Ashthon Jones, Shine Season 3

From getting to see Christian Agnew go face to face with Bre after his controversial audition, to seeing how Iman Dillard will perform again under pressure, the Top 40 is chalk full of highly anticipated moments. Who will get along? Who won't?

The stage is set as Shine returns tonight, ALL NEW on BTV. Don't miss it.


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