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Fights Broke Out During Shine's First Eliminations

From Aprina Johnson walking out before eliminations ended, to gospel singer, Zakeyion Anderson, confronting judges Ashthon Jones and 2'Live Bre, last night's episode was filled with chaos.

During the eliminations, the remaining artists were hit with a twist that they would have to vote for someone to leave the competition that night.

Brandon Stewart wearing leopard print outfit, with a hat. Shine Season 3. He is a singer, songwriter, producer for Brandon TV. BTV. Red velvet jacket. Top 40. General Butler State Resort Park. Carrollton Kentucky.
Brandon Stewart, Shine Season 3

"This is how the industry works," judge, Brandon Stewart told them, "your peers will be your best friends and they will be your competition."

By the end of eliminations, Johnson stormed out after seeing Stephanie Patton crying, due to her surprise elimination by her friends. Stewart asked her to stay seated. The room immediately grew tense. Bre then chased after her. Johnson was in a fury, yelling "I'm not hurtin no little kids," after storming toward the bathrooms, waving her water bottle at the oncoming camera crew.

But that wasn't it. Once she calmed down and returned with the rest of the group, Jones asked if she was okay, and Johnson didn't even reply to her.

Courtney Holloway consoles Aprina Johnson on Shine, Season 3. Brandon TV. BTV. Reality TV show. Webseries. Drama.
Courtney Holloway and Aprina Johnson, Shine Season 3

The chaos rolled into that night at the bar, when Anderson voiced his opinions regarding the challenge after Bre told the room full of remaining hopefuls that he was disappointed in them.

Jones was caught off guard by that too. In a recent interview, Jones talked about how she felt Bre flip flopped. "I felt like he flip flopped on what we talked about downstairs," Jones told BTV Insider. "It almost felt like he couldn't just be honest with us." When Jones watched the 10th episode back last Sunday night, she finally saw what he said to Johnson in private.

"I was so shook," Jones said. "I thought he was on our side and just went out there to calm [Johnson] down. That's not at all what he did, he was siding with her. That was crazy to watch. Then when she got back into the room and didn't respond to me, honey I wasn't happy. I'm not happy." Which makes sense watching her reaction to Bre's comment in the bar, a comment that ultimately sent Anderson into a frenzy. Bre admitted he wished more artists "voted for themselves."

Stephanie Patton with Other Finalists on Shine Season 3 during eliminations. Brandon TV. BTV. Reality TV show. Sunday nights.
Stephanie Patton with Other Finalists on Shine Season 3

Anderson interrupted, "we don't want to play mind games." He started his argument with a bit of a softer approach, but as he continued explaining his point, he got angry. "We're here to win," he admitted to the room. Christian Agnew even chimed in under his breath saying "that's games bro."

Christian Agnew and Zakeyion Anderson during their feud with Ashthon Jones and 2'Live Bre during episode 10 of Shine Season 3 on Brandon TV. On BTV Christian is seen eating, and they're fighting. Reality TV news. Reality tv.
Christian Agnew and Zakeyion Anderson, Shine Season 3

Agnew had a chip on his shoulder during his audition, when Bre was "expecting more" from. Bre felt since Agnew returned from season one, he should have been a much stronger contender. The two of them haven't exactly seen eye to eye.

Jones was then set off, defending their decision.

"We're not here to play mind games," she said, "we're here to teach lessons." The room grew tense once again, as Johnson now sat quiet in the corner and Anderson continued to speak up.

"If you want us to do something, we're going to do it. If you don't want us to do something, be straight with me. I don't have time to try and read somebody's mind. I done traveled a long way, I've done been through a whole lot, and I'm here to try to win." Anderson shouted,

Ashthon Jones stands her ground on Shine, BTV. Wearing beaded jean top, with blonde and pink hair.  Brandon TV. BTV.
Ashthon Jones stands her ground on Shine

This clearly put Jones in a tough spot, because Anderson was referring to Bre's comment about wishing more artists took it upon themselves to vote for themselves, something Jones didn't seem to agree with. But Jones wasn't about to back down now, as her purpose for each challenge is to see which artist can handle the heat and which can't.

"Like what in the literal fu--" Jones responded in her confessional.

"They can't tell you nothing, you're your own artist." Jones fired back at Anderson. Now turned to the rest of the room, making sure everyone hears her clearly. Artists sit around the room uncomfortable, but nodding.

"You told me to vote somebody off, I voted somebody off," Anderson said.

Zakeyion Anderson fights with judges on Shine during the 10th episode of the season. Brandon TV. BTV. Reality TV fights. Reality tv show.
Zakeyion Anderson fights with judges on Shine.

Then Anderson quoted the Bible to further prove his point in his confessional.

"The Bible says obedience is better than sacrifice. So if somebody is over me and I'm subject to them [and] they tell me to do something, I will be obedient first."

Jones wasn't having it. "You know who you are," Jones responds. "So don't allow us to... [play] mind games."

Then Jones takes a subtle aim at Bre, making it clear that they "fight behind the scenes." The chaos only continued when Stewart entered the room and revealed the contestants the finalists voted to go home, would be safe. Anderson and several other contestants were not happy.

Watch the whole showdown in the latest episode of Shine and catch new episodes on Sunday nights, only on BTV.


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