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2'Live Bre is Having a Baby (SHINE Exclusive)

That's right, the youngest member of the panel on Shine is having his first child.

2'Live Bre in S2 of Shine

Bre took to his social media platforms today to break the news to fans. When BTV Insider reached out to Ashthon Jones and Brandon Stewart, his fellow panelists on the Shine competition series, both admitted they already knew.

"We are hoping it gets some air time on the new season coming next month," Brandon told us. "The new season is going to be a lot more personable and I think moments like this are perfect to inspire and entertain our audience in a fresh warming way."

Instagram post from 2'Live Bre Today

Bre wrote on his Instagram, "Me and my baby having a baby🤰. Please continue to send prayers up for us. 💙 Everyday I wake up, happy as no other knowing that the life I’m living is everything my purpose was set to be. 🙏🏽"

This comes weeks after the couple announced their engagement.

Born Breion Terrance Dixon, Bre was on the Netflix series, "Rhythm + Flow." He was born and raised in the Music City of Nashville, Tennessee. He found a love for words, rhyming, and music in his formative years. He’s hit the ground running in his budding career, as he’s already shared stages with artists like Migos, Yo Gotti, Young Thug, and has made multiple music videos amassing hundreds of thousands of views collectively.

He graduated from Tennessee State University in May of 2020. He wants to influence his audience to be themselves, living life like it’s a party. He is most excited about expanding his wealth of knowledge to artists across the nation in his second year on the judging panel for Shine.

His music has been streamed, purchased and played for millions of fans. He has been featured in numerous blogs, such as HipHopDX and Last year, Bre received a NI MA award for Best Hip Hop Artist.

All parents navigate challenges as their children grow and develop.

Many of these challenges are the same for teenage parents and older parents. But if you’re a younger parent, like Bre, you might have to navigate some special challenges. Some of these challenges for Bre may include making music while looking after a baby, juggling a full time position on a television show, or just keeping up public appearances. Younger parents are always learning as they go, and might also feel judged for being overwhelmed by the responsibility of raising a child at a young age.

What we know, is that Bre is up for the challenge. Parents are the most important part of your baby’s life. When you’re focusing on looking after your baby, you might forget or run out of time to look after yourself. But looking after yourself physically, mentally and emotionally will help your own child grow and thrive.

2'Live Bre on Tour in 2020

Do we think Bre's baby might have a future in music? Yes. And we hope that he will share his journey with us along the way. When the premiere hits next month, check the blog every week for special updates from him about his personal life and his role as a mentor/judge on Shine's third season.


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