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Shine's Season 3 will be "New and Improved"

Producers weigh in on why the third season of the hit digital competition series is going to be better than ever.

Brandon Stewart, Ashthon Jones and 2'Live Bre talk with contestant on set of Shine S3.

Cue the music, bring on the talent and get ready for another year of excitement. The world is beginning to open up again and the spotlight is getting hot on the set of Shine. The show challenges talented undiscovered artists to go head to head as they find their own voice in music. Artists learn to write, perform and sell themselves as an underground phenomenon. But this year, producers look to shake things up.

In a fully immersive, superstar experience that includes red carpets, photoshoots and celebrity mentors, Joel Parent, producer since the first season, tells us how things are changing. "We wanted to craft a new way to tell our story. Shine still has its family values, but the stakes are higher."

Joel Parent

He continued, "We're not going to stop rolling the cameras when the challenges are over. What they do before and after they step into our studio is the journey of an artist as well. We're looking at revamping the titles of the judges this season, titling them headmasters." The three co-hosted and judged the competition together last season. But does this change mean their roles do to? Parent confirmed that their duties will be slightly changing, then reminded us that they have been evolving since the first season anyway.

The formula for reality TV is ever-changing, and the producers behind the #1 competition short form series are wanting to stay ahead of the curve.

Brandon Stewart, who sits on the panel and is the creator of the series, chimed in.

Brandon Stewart on set of Shine S3

"We are launching this season after social injustices hit mainstream media, protestors filled the streets late last year, and a global pandemic changed everyone's way of life. We're pushing our artists to write from their hearts, motivating some of the most compelling lyrics we've ever heard."

Stewart then talked about the change coming to Shine.

"The stakes are higher than ever, as we're gearing for the launch of our partnered management firm," He said. "We're taking a new angle behind the lens this year, putting more focus on the contestant's journey from sun up to sun down."

He joked, "The cameras might even follow them to the bathroom"

Melanie Stewart, another producer on the series, then told us, "The challenges are going to tug at some heartstrings and we're taking advantage of being under our own umbrella. We make our own rules and this year, they're changing."

2'Live Bre on set of Shine S3

Derek Williams, the fourth and final producer who has been on the series since the beginning, mentioned how important Shine is for fans across the United States. "We've grown since our first season. We have upgraded everything from lighting to cameras."

Williams said, "The series continues to become more intricate as we continue to garner more popularity. We started out as a mini-series and now we're a network quality television series."

Shine's first season had 10 episodes and in their sequel season, upgraded to 21 episodes. BTV Insider can confirm that the series will premiere in March of 2021.

The mission still remains for the trailblazing team at Shine, and they tell us their focus is still on the music. "It's edgier," Parent said. As the power 4 producing team concluded their interview, they said the change for the show came from the search of more authenticity.

It looks like we can expect some quality reality tv moments coming this season. Take a look at the first teaser for the new season below.

The producers wanted to give a special thank you to their audition tour sponsors for season three too. Their partners include Mimi McCarley, Nashville is Not Just Country Music, Guidance Whiskey, Insurance Boys BBQ, Home (Helping our Music Evolve), Radio Artifact, Urban Artifact and General Butler State Resort Park.


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All photography by Tim Hendrick at TH Photography

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