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Shine's Stephanie Patton Celebrates Her First Born Son

Stephanie Patton, a finalist on the #1 online singing competition in America, Shine, just announced the birth of her baby boy.

Online, Patton wrote "We are so excited he is here and happy to have our little family together. I have never loved a human as much as I love this little boy."

Stephanie Patton from Shine holds her new baby boy. Newborn boy. Shine returns this month. Singing competition. Finalist.
Stephanie Patton and Nash Forrest Harmon

Since the birth of her new baby boy, Nash Forrest Harmon, on July 19th, Patton has been showing the love for her on her social medias.

Patton is one of the lucky 40 finalists in the hit series, Shine.

Shine is an artist development platform that challenges talented undiscovered artists to compete against one another while finding their own voice. This season has a new set of rules. From auditions coming in across the world, the global pandemic stopped a number of luxuries, but it didn't stop their mission. Since the beginning, they Shine team wanted to teach talent, like Patton, to find their voice and run their brand.

Joel Parent, producer for Shine, tells us "This is the first season we changed the way we did things." Parent has been involved with the show since the first season.

"This season we brought all the contestants to a remote resort and over the course of a week together, put them through challenges. There were moments that got ugly - but it was good TV. And we kept it in the episodes this year."

Shine judges laughing. Brandon Stewart, 2'Live Bre and Ashthon Jones in their chairs. Season 3. Brandon TV. BTV.
Judges Brandon Stewart, 2'Live Bre and Ashthon Jones in Shine Season 3

The series caught quite a popular surge last season when hip hop artist, 2'Live Bre joined the panel. He filled the empty chair left by Rilan, a quirky pop singer who's schedule didn't permit his return.

Ashthon Jones, a Grammy winning R&B singer, returned for her third year. This reunited the OG duo of Stewart and Jones which was great for ratings as the chemistry between them is entertaining to watch.

Patton's audition wasn't showcased in the audition episodes, along with a handful of the other 40 finalists. A list of the Top 40 hasn't been released, but the return of Shine comes September 25th, with more exclusive updates dropping right here on BTV Insider.


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