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Shine Teases the Season 3 Return

America's number one digital singing competition, Shine, teases return with an Instagram post of the judges.

Courtesy of Shine's Instagram

The post was captioned "Walking into Monday knowing we're that much closer to the Shine return." Fans have been posting about their excitement for the show to return, and the team behind the camera promises it will be worth the wait.

Joel Parent
Joel Parent, Producer of Shine

Joel Parent, producer for Shine, tells us "This is the first season we changed the way we did things." Parent has been involved with the show since the first season.

"The years past were a little too much like the 'karaoke' shows on network television today. Every year is a knock down drag out fight for the spots at the finale, and instead of keeping it PG, we let it all hang out. Our show is more urban, it's all underground artistry, about finding raw talent and pushing them to get better," he said.

Parent told us that years past they would cut out much of the drama to keep the show as clean as possible for the fans. But as years have went on, fans want to see what really goes on. "They look for the raw journeys of the contestants," he told us.

"This season we brought all the contestants to a remote resort and over the course of a week together, put them through challenges. There were moments that got ugly - but it was good TV. And we kept it in the episodes this year."

The contestants had to stay overnight, and in some cases, write a song in less than 12 hours. Judge and Grammy winner, Ashthon Jones, even admitted, "There was a time where one of the contestants walked out."

One thing we know, is that the explosive season is returning and we're told it will be a fun one to watch. The contestants will fight for a spot at the finale and what seems to be a spot on judge and creator of Shine, Brandon Stewart's record label. He posted to Instagram on June 3rd with a video of him singing an unreleased single of his own, paired with the caption, "I been holding on lots of music, for the launch of my record label. New music. New label. New episodes of Shine all coming one after the other." He tagged his fellow judges, Jones and 2'Live Bre, so it may be a venture they're doing together.

Stay tuned for more on Shine's return and in the meantime, catch up on the current season below to pick your favorite before the competition heats up.


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