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Silver Lining

The past few days have been uneventful, and yet, one big overwhelming blur.

I was very excited to receive my lash inventory on the 21st, but due to an oversight at the post office, they sent my shipment back to sender. I'm currently in talks with the carrier so that I can intercept my package before it gets too far.

It's extremely disappointing because it pushes back deliveries, social media posts, and influencer campaigns...

This means a lot of smoothing over and more work for me.

Alas, we move forward.

In other news, I don't really celebrate the holiday... so I spent Christmas eve and day packing and binge watching old episodes of CSI Las Vegas. I'm moving into a new place on January 2nd and wanted to get a jump start.

While I was packing, my current roommate and I had a not so happy conversation about my cleaning habits.

Example A. I made tea in one pot and eggs in the other, leaving the pots on the stove to cool down before cleaning them.

Literally moments later... my roomie FLIPPED, saying that I left things "FILTHY." I would really love to see her walk into a frat house. The CRAZY thing is, she does the EXACT same thing!

Shown above is a pot and food she left out after making burgers. UGH!

That's the thing with some roommates, someone will try to control every aspect of the home. I'm SO happy to be days away from living alone again, because this is the nonsense I just can't deal with.

There's three days left in the year.

I'm just trying to mind my business and protect my energy. I SWEAR every time I get closer to something amazing happening, some BS rears its ugly head.

They say, there's always a silver lining.

Well, I'm definitely looking forward to mine in 2021.

See you next week.

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