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Siri Yun Gets Emotional After Judge's Remarks in Shine Audition

One of the youngest competitors this season, Siri Yun, auditioned for the #1 online singing competition in America, Shine - leading to much emotion.

Yun flew from Hawaii to audition in Nashville, Tennessee for her chance at a spot in the Top 40. Before she met with the judges, a producer is seen informing them that the next contestant is much younger than the rest of the auditions before her.

Two judges on the panel, Ashthon Jones, a Grammy winner, and 2'Live Bre, a Hip Hop artist, struggled with having younger contestants on the show last season. So it was obvious they weren't very happy.

"So our next contestant is 11," Derek Williams said, an executive producer of Shine. Jones lets out a sign, and Bre is seen talking about his discomfort in his next confessional.

Siri Yun from Hawaii auditions for Season 3 of Shine in Nashville, Tennessee. 2'Live Bre hometown. Young performer. She is holding a Ukulele.
Siri Yun in Audition for Season 3, Shine

Yun was quick to surprise the judges when she said she would be auditioning with an original song, something that is expected but not necessary for the audition round. Yun seemed like she was not scared.

At the end of her first performance, Jones then asked her to sing the song without her ukulele. The confidence slowly started to slip away.

After singing it without her instrument, Brandon Stewart, the creator of Shine and the third judge, asked to sing a different song. It seemed none of the judges were completely sold on her talent.

Yun finished her second song and third performance, as the judges jumped in and explained how they felt.

Bre thought her future is bright, but is unsure if this platform is for her. Jones agreed and said she needs to show "how bad you [Siri] wants it" if she wants to be in the competition. Then Stewart confirms they weren't wanting to take any younger artists this season due to Jones and Bre's conflicts last season.

The judges go back and forth with Yun before Stewart votes first - hitting her with a surprising yes. Jones even let out a shocking "oh" in response.

As the voting continued, Jones said no. This leaves Bre in the final decision-making seat.

Bre then asks Yun why she wants to be a musician, and her response moves him.

"It sounds like she has the same type of trauma I had coming up," Bre says in a confession. Shortly after, she is given a spot in the Top 40.

The audition concludes with a warm moment surrounding the judges talking with Yun about expectations moving forward. Stewart leads the conversation, who has a history launching successful child stars. He is excited about the panel's decision to send her through and admits it in a confessional following.

But just as the moment ends, a producer is seen informing Jones that Yun is now crying because of her. As the music changes, the tension begins to build. Then Jones decides she's going to go out and talk with Yun and her parents.

Watch the entire audition bellow and how it all ends.

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