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"Sister Rules" Takes on Heavy Topics like Cancer in Newest Episode

People are often drawn to reality TV because they enjoy the drama and often relate to the difficult decision-making. So when shows like Sister Rules earn our attention long enough to teach us something, we're all ears, even if we want to be or not.

Television has an impact on our thoughts, opinions, and behaviors. Millions of people around the world tune in to reality shows and have been watching for decades. What started out as an experiment, has turned into mainstream programming, and as a culture, we can’t get enough of it. Especially when networks embed important messaging within the parameters of the shows. Real life topics that affect people everyday, educational, and open the door to a conversation that could change the course of someone's actions.

Last week, the fanbase surrounding Sister Rules learned Maria Mekus and her co-star and sister, Leesa Ward, have a history of cancer within their family bloodline. Mekus found a lump on her breast that left us all hanging in the balance. But today, the newest episode investigates the health scare and snowball into a big topic for the show.

BTV Brandon Tv. Maria Mekus in "Sister Rules" Ep. 3. Reality TV. Cancer scare.
Maria Mekus in "Sister Rules" Ep. 3

The episode following, Ward took Mekus to a serenity circle, in hopes they could get back on track. By the end of the episode, they both admitted they needed to leave the past where it is, and find solace in one another today.

But soon after the beautiful moment, the episode ended on a cliffhanger. A surprise that neither sister saw coming. The fans have been incredibly supportive since the premiere two weeks ago, and viewership is gradually growing.

There is no doubt that what we watch influences the way we think about the world around us. Our minds are designed to synthesize boatloads of information every day, from interactions, to books and even the shows we watch. We make sense of the world through these pieces of information we gather, and this impacts how we live our lives every day.

Today's episode was educational to say the least.

Maria Mekus in "Sister Rules" Episode 2 on BTV. Brandon TV. Reality TV Show. Unscripted. New reality tv web series show. Webseries.
Maria Mekus in "Sister Rules" Ep. 2

The importance on women's health, or truly anyone's health, should maintain a priority in our lives. Mekus showed us how scary it can be, unveiling that she learned her lump "is benign", though she is susceptible to fibroids. Knowledge that is important for women to know when staying as healthy as possible; since cancer kills 10 million people a year.

After the good news, the ladies jet off to their next stop, where we learn more about their past and how intricate their history with one another is. In an upcoming teaser, things seem to go south in later episodes. After a quick peek at a scene later in the show proves the two will soon hit their boiling point.

"I went through bankruptcy, people were following me home, broke into my house, I was afraid for my kids," Ward admits to Mekus.

Leesa Ward in "Sister Rules" Episode 4. Leesa Ward Real Estate. Prison. Leesa Ward Financial Services. Tracy County. Jail. Ponzi Scheme.
Leesa Ward in "Sister Rules" Ep. 4

Mekus then fires back, and the two have a heated exchange the ends in Ward slamming a charcuterie board on the table yelling, "I'm done." A pivot from the lighthearted fun they were having in the car earlier in the episode.

The first episode aired on March 12th. If you still need to catch up, watch it right here.

Tune in early on Sundays to be part of the live chat with Mekus and Ward each week, and catch up on all you've missed right here on BTV.

The series was created by Brandon Stewart. It was executive produced by Stewart, and co-executive produced by Mekus and Ward. The series streams on Mekus' YouTube channel on Sundays at 12:00pm PST / 3:00pm EST.


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