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Sitting Here Looking Pretty

I’m sure you all have had your dose of drama with the other blogs, so I’m not even going there.

Actually, recently I got a therapist and I’m working really close with her to grow myself. You learn a lot about yourself when you stay silent. I’m all about realigning who I am and where I’m trying to go right now. By no means am I where I want to be but it’s all a journey.

I recently joined an app called Clubhouse and it has been so beneficial for me. It’s invite only so shoutout to Berto for letting me get on there. Some of us were talking about it during the big bear trip and thankful for that. I’ve connected with so many like minded people and helping me boost my social media game.

I also have been using Spur regularly because of Shaka and gained some real life money on there. Since LA County is still in lockdown there isn’t much to do physically but social media is always open with opportunities!

On a completely different side of things, I have an appointment to get my next tattoo tomorrow. This one is going to be in honor of my friend that passed away in Nov. 2019 due to an overdose. I’m very good friends with a lot of people from the AA program and this one hit us all so hard. Johnathan, my friend who passed, was a light in everyone’s life and always had a smile on. It goes to show you never really know what people are going through.

In honor of Johnathan, stay “Happy as Fuck” this week 🤍

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