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Slots Fired 🎰

Good morning everybody!

I just wanted to give you guys a glimpse on what transpired in Vegas.

I guess I’ll start from the beginning as we arrived. Roberto and Demetre were so kind to pick Rachel and I up and take us on this road trip. When we got there, I had to get dressed quick. I'm talkin' quick quick.

We had some dinner plans set in motion.

While out at dinner, there was some miscommunication as far as the group size, so we had to split up. Here's where the chatter started.

I didn’t think it was gonna be that big of an issue, but there was talk about a 'B roll' cast and I was included LOL.

'B roll' = the "B" table. Whatever. It's all because we weren't getting filmed at that moment. Who was at the B table? Roll call.

  1. Roberto Hannibal

  2. Demetre Durham

  3. Rachel Rendon

  4. Me

  5. Severin Kameni

  6. Cliff Watson

So let's set the record straight. At this rate, I’m not 'B roll' anything. The only 'B roll' that I am, is a part of the real "B" - as in Brandon. That's my man and I do roll with that. There were complaints about not getting enough screen time, but at the same time, no one wanted to pull out their super advanced iPhone to catch what they thought could be on the show either. I guess it’s better to have sidebar conversations off-camera. That was sarcasm. When the cameras were rolling, everything was peachy keen. When the cameras weren't, everything wasn't. How is this reality if we faking the funk on camera?

And yes, I said we because I caught myself very early on in this situation and it felt like it defeated the purpose of being on reality TV. Why are we here if you're not ready to be honest? Why are we here if we aren't ready to have our lives broadcasted to to the world? It could be the fake frontin’ and fake stuntin‘ with the designer this or the bank account that, because I mean who would want their fake bags to be shown on reality TV? I won’t say who, because all the true fashion queens will be watching the show and will easily spot what's fake.

Later the first night, after that dinner and the 'B roll' BS, I hear that there is an issue with a cast member (Sev) and a producer (Joel). My roomie Marlene comes in all distraught because of what she just witnessed. Then, I meet up with Mo and Joel who all have the same story about what went down. I know we like a little bit of drama, but we don’t need to take it to the next level. Once people know when to stay in their lane and mind their business, the little bit of drama will probably be gone.

The next morning there was talk about Sev leaving. Honestly, I said I don’t care if he stays. We can’t be dealing with drama. I did mention if he leaves, then the show is going to be different, the experience is gonna be different, and all of that. But we still are going to have a kick ass time. He ended up staying and it was pretty easy-going for the rest of the trip. We had fun! Which you know I like to do.

We threw some axes, we sang karaoke, we gambled a little bit - you know lost some dollars and made some dollars, the usual Vegas festivities. 🔥

It wasn’t until the last night, at Kasi’s surprise birthday, that ish hit the fan. The surprise party was amazing and I had a great time, until yet again side conversations needed to be had. And off-camera. Why are you here if we are having off camera conversations? Who knows. Maybe you guys will find out and help me understand. I mean shit, you might just decipher most of these blogs LOL.

Yeah. That’s what happened in a nutshell. If you want to know how the night transpired leading up, you'll have to tune in. Apart from all of the Vegas craziness, we are going to be hanging out again really soon. We shall see what happens at Marlene‘s Halloween party.

This is Jay Byrd, 'A roll' cast, signing off. 🐦

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