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Small Minds v Great Minds

Hello hello,

This one will be to address things said only to defend my name in writing.

It's been a month since things got heated between me and B, and we've since spoken (on camera for those of you that care about accountability).

For the record, for those of you that like to speak out of place on behalf of others, I have no bad feelings toward B, and although our friendship may be different now, I still have love for him.

So first, I have never used Brandon as a friend or for his platforms to boost my own status or professional clout.

Everything that B has ever involved me in, he's asked me to be part of...from assisting with the 2017 Style Fashion week red carpet to helping plan a mutual friend's hair salon opening. Remember, I've been an event planner for 10 years and I've owned SteerPro events since 2016, BEFORE I met Brandon.

While I was living in San Diego, I even helped Brandon plan the 2019 BTV release party between Aug-Dec. I couldn't even attend though, cause the date was changed last minute and I couldn't take off of work. It sucked because that would have been our first business partnership together and because I couldn't celebrate this huge accomplishment with my friend cause I was working for "the man".

Regarding Lusso Vitale, I came up with the business idea while staying with Brandon and Joel last June and yes, they did help encourage me to fully work for myself (because I've always had a job while owning a business). But not once have I asked to especially promote my companies or to get me a deal with their connections. BTV and The Getaway hasn't ever posted about SteerPro or Lusso Vitale. The only promotion is on IG stories when I tag and when I talk about it on this blog. No one has helped me pay for my businesses or help sell my products or services. So, I fail to see how I'm using anyone.

Of course, with any reality show, business or personal endeavors will be promoted. Besides going on trips with friends, that's literally the point of the Getaway, which I was asked to be a part of. I do look forward to this show gaining popularity and exposure but that's not " using" anyone.

Now, let's fact check for the time I stayed with Brandon and Joel.

I broke my lease late April in San Diego when the covid shut downs began and let's be extra clear... when I left, I could have gone anywhere in the world or even to live with my parents for free in VA, but I chose to go to LA to be around my friends and familiarity. Of course, I wanted to save money, but no one "helped me get on my feet". I didn't know how long I was going to be in LA, but I had just wasted thousands leaving SD and wasn't trying to commit to another lease or pay a bunch of upfront money when I was trying to figure out my next moves.

I don't know how y'alls friendships work, but no, I didn't expect to pay rent and the guys never asked me for rent, but I still carried my weight. I gave the guys money for utilities and food, bought them thank you gifts and did favors that (in my mind) equated for my stay... which was absolutely no longer than 2 months. Not everything has to be tit for tat in friendship, and if the guys wanted money, they could have asked and I would have gladly paid or got into an Airbnb sooner. The guys never brought up any issues about me staying with them and never rushed me to leave.

Valentine's Day and Blog -

I've already explained to Brandon via text and on camera and on my past blog why I didn't attend the V-day party. I've also already apologized to those necessary for not attending with no notice because it was petty.

As for my blog that sparked all this convo, (as I told B in person) sure, I could have taken another step to call him instead of calling him out on the blogs, but I had already texted him multiple times throughout the week with no response. He called me hours before writing his blog and I could have answered it, but I screened it because I didn't feel like having the conversation a week after trying to reach out. So we can go back and forth about who should have reached out better, but we've both already apologized for the miscommunications and pettiness, we're growing from it, and that's all that matters.

Brandon, Demetre and I have addressed our issues in person, on camera and have cleared up a lot of perceptions and misconceptions. You'll have to watch the show cause it's a lot to explain over text. If there's anything more that needs to be discussed, I'm happy to do so.

Throughout all of this, the take away is how to be a better communicator, how to be a better person and friend. We're not perfect and it's important to have conversations with each other to learn how to become better (goes for me and anyone). I don't have to insult a person to make a point, but I will state facts and take accountability for my words and actions. I can only wish the same for my friends and otherwise.

A lot of y'all like to talk about things and don't even know the full story, which is why it's best to talk about your own business. If you don't vibe with me, that's perfectly fine, but I don't have to address or explain anything to anyone the issue doesn't concern.

People will have their opinion about me, but that not my responsibility. You can keep me on your mind, but trust me... you're not on mine. As they say, "small minds talk about other people, great minds talk about ideas".

Ta ta for now.

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