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So Halloween is over and done with for another year, and all the decorations are packed away. Out with the Fall/Autumn decorations! You know I love being festive!

Let me give you a recap of Halloween 🎃

You guys know I love to host, so I had a Halloween Movie night! We watched scary movies and had cute Halloween snacks and drinks. Alitalia came and stayed over. It was like a sleepover, where we stayed up all night. It only made sense that she‘d stay over.

Berto made his ‘witch’s brew‘ cocktail, and I made a Fall mimosa. We also made the “bloody chocolate cups” filled with fresh raspberries instead of peanut butter. There were fruit cups with ‘witch’s snot’ drizzled on it. The Taco graveyard cups were a hit as well! And of course... a beautiful charcuterie board!

Check some photos on our food page @GoodFoodGurus.

For the actual day of Halloween, Marlene was having her party as planned; however, I realized that a lot of people weren’t attending for different reasons.

I wasn’t sure if I should go or not if no one was going to be there.

Brandon couldn’t make it because he was recovering, Justin was getting off work, but was still coming, Cliff had to work, Mo and Kasi decided to go, Alitalia was helping out so she‘d be there early and Rachel said she’d be in the area and would stop by.

I also invited two friends as well, Romarius and Chris .

Marlene and her parents were very hospitable. Her father kept the tacos coming and her mother was a sweetheart.

I would have liked to interact with the other guest a little more though. Kasi finally arrived with some friends. I was ready to go, but was waiting on her to arrive before I left.

Rachel never made it, which was weird because she texted me for the address.

A few days later, I was told that Rachel had her own party, but didn’t invite us to it. I kinda felt a way.

I thought we bonded a little in Vegas, and I had also spoke to her the day of the party. Anyway!

Brandon and I

I invited Brandon, Joel, Justin, and my other friend, Rachél over for a fun game night with snacks and drinks! Cliff came too, as a surprise, but I’m glad he did because he was super fun! I got to let them try my Thanksgiving sliders!

Roberto and I

The 11th made a year that me and bae have been together! He’s literally the most amazing person I’ve ever met and I couldn’t ask for a better partner in crime. We’ve grown so much together since we’ve started. I look forward to a lifetime! Thanks for all the anniversary blessings! 🥂

Im hearing about the Big Bear trip and I’m excited because I miss the snow! I love snow around the holidays. I can’t wait to decorate for Christmas!! Im probably the most Christmasy person you’ll meet!

K, bye! 🎄

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