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Hola my loves!

Man I feel like it’s been ages since I last checked in with y’all, but here I am and like the title of my blog states - this time my blog is simply about saying thanks.

First: Let’s go back in time to my Halloween party.

I was “the GHOST with the MOST” aka #Beetlejuice. However, I gotta give it up to the real MVPs of the night, my parents.

Not only did they go along with all my shenanigans, but they cooked the food and helped me in EVERY way. My parental units mean the world to me and I loved that everyone got to finally meet them.

REMEMBER ME... The Dia de Los Muertos altar came out beautiful.

I had a lot of help putting everything together, so shout out to my friends Edna and Carlos for coming over and helping me with everything the night before. I had a vision and basically brought the movie Coco to life.

Both Berto and Kasi brought pictures for the altar, and it meant so much that my friends were partaking in my traditions.

Now: Let's move forward "porque la vida sigue " meaning "life goes on."

My parents turned another year. Their birthdays are a day apart and we got to celebrate them with our closest family. This was the day after the Halloween party.

I talk about my parents quite often and its because I feel blessed to have them as my guardians. They've worked their butts off to provide for my brother and I and for that I am THANKFUL. So Santos and Angeles gracias por todo.

NEXT: Sip Sip Hooray!

I happened to be in LA on a Friday night and decided to meet up with Brandon since he was out having drinks with Justin, Demetre, and Berto. Any time I can meet up with them, is such a treat. I am such an Orange County girl but I loooove my LA nights. I met Brandon's friend Sam who is a literal sweetheart. I have to say, unexpected nights are always my favorite and friend time is something I am forever thankful for.

Sam, Brandon and I

Finally: Catching Up!

I finally had a good "Santa Ana" night out with my good friend Regina.

"Agradecida" in more ways than one. #ThankfulAF

We are both constantly on the go and busy with life so drinks were waaay over due. I got to see her new space for her business "The Glowden Hour." I am so proud of her. Here's to all the single moms killing it. We went to my favorite spot in downtown called "El Indio Botanas Y Cerveza" and had some BOMB ass Micheladas and Tacos.

Shoutout to Oscar and the whole Indio team. 💋

So I heard we're going to BIG BEAR!!!!!

I will be the first to admit that I am not super excited about the cold but I am ready for a much needed #Getaway with my friends.

Alright guys, this girl has to get ready for her day and like a lighter shade of brown said 'cause it's Sunday last day for a fun day.'



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