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T H A N K F U L 🍂

Thankful is definitely the word to describe these past few weeks.

So much has happened in such a short period of time. But that’s a good thing right? I mean time flies when you’re having fun.

So I was booked for a supernatural series, which filmed in Memphis, TN this month. Of course it was postponed due to COVID! I was kind of bummed, but the network paid for my flight... so it was all good.

The day I was suppose to arrive back in LA from filming, Roberto’s sister, Melissa were scheduled to visit LA. Come to find out, his mother and niece decided to come as well! This was exciting news, but alarming news, because this meant we had to get the guest bedroom furnished and ready ASAP! We pulled it off... but it was work!

Demetre's Sister and I

The family visit was such a great time. We ended up having a mini thanksgiving early, since I was scheduled to go home for the actual holiday. It was a week early thanksgiving, but just as loving! Even my friend Pam stopped by randomly and found herself at a thanksgiving dinner much earlier than she expected. I made a tough decision to stay in LA for the actual holiday instead of going home. COVID was spiking. It worked out because I didn’t want to leave Berto here by himself. So we ended up going to a friends house and she THREW DOOOWN... Okay? It was so refreshing to NOT be the host this time. Don’t get me wrong, I love to host a good party, but I also like to sit back and experience someone else’s event every now and then. We just bought the coquito. I mean what’s a holiday party without that right?

Speaking of Holidays, I LOVE THE HOLIDAYS! I’M HIM!

So usually I decorate for Christmas on December 1st; however, since I was suppose to be in Mexico on the 1st, I wouldn’t be able to. So we decorated early.

Mainly because when we returned from Mexico, we’d emerge ourselves in all the Christmas spirit..YUM!

BUUUT guess who postponed our Mexican plans? You guessed it, COVID.

I wanted to give back this holiday season to the less fortunate.

I used to do things like this every year; however, I haven’t done it in almost two years. So since Good Food Gurus has been flourishing and restaurants have been reaching out asking us to come in, eat and take photos of their food, which I can get used to for sure, I decided that this year would be a great time to start back.

Luckily Roberto loves doing the same thing, so when I told him about my idea, we quickly joined forces and decided to make it a team effort. So... Good Food Gurus Presents: A Good Giving Christmas!

Check out more about it on our page @GoodFoodGurus on Instagram and also on... ahem OUR NEW WEBSITE THAT JUST LAUNCHED: So excited to host my annual Jingle Mingle and my signature Holiday Movie Night too! Expect the Good Food Gurus to give you an EXPERIENCE!

Thats all for now, see you guys next week!

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