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Cliff Calls Marlene and Alitalia Fake Friends (TGLA Exclusive)

We are never short of drama on The Getaway: Los Angeles. Cliff called out two of his friends for not being real about each other. Click here

He wrote, "I'm done with the smiling behind cameras and acting like everything is good. Y'all bitches act different when cameras are not filming, like you got everything to say about a person." He then continued, "You out here acting like you have to lie to me, I'm not that... important for you to have to lie to me. I mean, tell. me how you really feel about a person."

Cliff takes to his blog to set the record straight.

"You puttin' on a front like you puttin' on these little clothes for the cameras. It's funny to me, I see two people hanging out when they're genuinely not friends. It's all for the cameras." Cliff then attached a photo of both Alitalia Adams and Marlene Ortiz.

Though that wasn't the end, because when Alitalia saw it the next morning, she clapped back. Click here.

She wrote, "I'd love to share some good updates with my business, but there's too many people attacking my energy... so I'll update after I succeed. Looks like while I've been minding my business, others have been minding my business too!" She assumedly took a shot back at Cliff when she wrote, "It's so funny how everyone claims to be so real, yet still continue to talk behind each other's backs... especially mine."

When the word got out, Alitalia cleared things up for The Getaway: Los Angeles' Instagram account, and fans that were chiming in.

Here's a sneak peek. Click here.

It seems like The Getaway: Los Angeles account understood, replying with their typical purple heart and a friendly fire. That's when Marlene decided to make her voice known in a blog that would, more than anything else, confuse us all. Click here.

She wrote "The ONLY thing fake about me is what I inject into my face okayyyyyy?!" She then went on to say, "I have spoken to both Cliff and Alitalia and we are more than good. Shit happens sometimes, we get in our feelings, and things come out that maybe we had been holding in."

She continued...

"What he said is probably what a lot of people thought when they saw us together and there is some truth to that. If you had asked me even a month ago if Alitalia and I were friends I would have said yeah, but now I can truly say yes."

So what did Marlene say about Alitalia? What's the difference between 'yeah' and 'yes'? Who was Alitalia talking about in her blog? Does Cliff still feel like Marlene is fake, and was he talking about Alitalia too? I guess we will all have to find out when the season airs this Summer. One thing is for sure, nobody in this trio likes to be talked about when they're not around.


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