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That Was Fast

How is October already gone? This month said “I ain’t here for this shit!"

2020 has been such a trip... I’ll need to see 2021’s terms and conditions 👀

7 months of ALT reality adulting... oh what I’d give to be 18 year old me making full time unemployment, debt free with no rent 😭

*fantasizes about putting a down payment on a house*

Let's go back and talk about when the COVID-19 shutdown got real.

Once upon a time, I was furloughed. I decided I'd go to VA to visit my parents and regroup. At the time I was living in San Diego, but I didn’t want to be there anymore. This was a perfect time to start over. I needed to be surrounded by doers in a city that thrives on hustle instead of comfort, so I broke my lease, and asked my friends Brandon and Joel if I could crash with them in LA (shout out to the real ones). I lived in LA previously 2016 to 2018, but had to abruptly leave after being laid off - story for another time. 💋

Sooo, after wasting so much money to break my lease in SD, I didn’t want to commit to a city or an apartment, and I needed to feel the energy of LA again before making a decision to stay. The energy was good and I was surrounded by people who love me and are also on a money mission so, I stayed.

Brandon, Joel and I

SteerPro events came to a screeching halt, but entrepreneurs don’t just say “oh well!” I needed to take this money and time and re-invest in myself. I had given so much time to the “man” and put my passions on the back burner for YEARS. Why? Well comfort will suffocate ambition. NEVER AGAIN!!!

When I got to LA in May, the press-on nails and hair supplies I needed were sold out everywhere! That’s what gave me the idea for Lusso Vitale. I could be the manicure & lash plug, providing a pop of flare for those still working, or even staying around the house.

Within a few weeks of nonstop research, I thankfully found some great vendors and Lusso Vitale was on and poppin! Come June, I found a new passion project and I also got off of my friend’s’ couch and into a space where I could set up my mini production line.

Just think, 3 months of lockdown, and I’ve started a whole business!

*insert motivational quote here*

Lusso Vitale Logo

This has been a rewarding challenge, because I’m teaching myself about the beauty industry, manufacturing and B2B things they don’t teach you in undergrad.

Despite YouTube, a lot of this stuff is NOT common knowledge; yet, I’m making it happen. The most important piece of advice I have to continuously tell myself is to be 👏🏾 fucking 👏🏾 patient 👏🏾 and not to compare my progress. I’m not even 6 months in!

I’m already working on phase 2 though!

This is definitely the first step in my serial entrepreneur journey!

Now let's talk about where I am now. Since June, I’ve been living the nomadic life, experiencing different areas of Los Angeles. I’ve lived in 7 different homes on a temporary basis via AirBnB. It’s a great resource to find non-committal housing, it’s just a shame that many have started making a business out of the platform. Majority of the renters are making it more expensive, especially now toward the holidays.

Thankfully, I’ve found a place to take me through Thanksgiving, but my hand is being forced to find long-term housing. #middleclassprobs

Sheesh... I suppose I’ll wrap this up and get into detail on some things another time.

Next week, we can chat about how I’m running 2 businesses, paying my debts, paying my rent and putting food on the table...all on a $3.50 budget. LMAO


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