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The Getaway Los Angeles Sets Premiere in March 2023

After a long-awaited announcement, BTV Insider can confirm The Getaway Los Angeles will premiere in March 2023.

Demetre Durham poses on Christmas in The Getaway Los Angeles on Brandon TV. BTV Season 1.
Demetre Durham, The Getaway Los Angeles Season 1

'Tis the season... and we've waited long enough. Here is what we know about The Getaway Los Angeles. BTV Studio is expanding their reality television division, where they hope to create other successful shows like Shine. One of the upcoming shows many are starting to talk about, after an early teaser was released online, is The Getaway Los Angeles (or abbreviated as TGLA for short).

The series follows a group of friends who are looking to build their professional endeavors. The core of the group consists of transplants from across the nation, moving to Los Angeles to pursue a better life - not only in their careers but in their personal lives too.

Monique Martin gets into a fight in Las Vegas on The Getaway Los Angeles in Season 1 on Brandon TV "BTV" because former cast member said he would punch her in the face.
Monique Martin, The Getaway Los Angeles Season 1

The trailer has garnered over 20K views so far, and collected interest from bloggers on numerous websites like T! News. Before the explosive back and forth at the end of the teaser, Monique Martin is seen sitting with her mother, talking about how she will stand up for those she feels can't stand up for themselves. Martin is not one to shy away from controversy, as she goes head to head in what looks to be, the series' first feud.

The original date for it to air was the Summer of 2021, but it was pushed due to restrictions around COVID-19 and a recently launched talent division at BTV Studios that includes working alongside reality TV stars such as Abby Lee Miller from Dance Moms and Cynthia Bailey from Real Housewives of Atlanta.

BTV Insider can confirm the drama-filled series will premiere in March 2023 and it will follow the #1 competition web series in America titled Shine, which just recently filmed for its first spin-off titled, Shine Juniors.

2'Live Bre posted on his Instagram story teasing the series with much excitement.

"Shine is killing it in numbers, more and more people are watching," Bre told us. And that's true. BTV Studio just hit over 1M views last week, led by Shine's numbers. He continued, "I'm looking forward to continuing the legacy we've left on the studio and on the lives of the artists we mentor."

Are you exited for The Getaway Los Angeles? We know we are. Don't miss Shine airing Sunday nights on BTV in the meantime.


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