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The Name is Ian 🍻

Hi everyone! So I'm super excited to be joining the cast!

I found myself indulging in this group through my best friend Kasi.

Yes, you have her to blame when things get messy. I’ve made a pretty cute life for myself here in LA and can’t imagine myself living anywhere else in the country; although Spain is the dream.

I value my time with my friends more than anything, my chosen fam, as they’re greatly responsible for the happy man you see before you. I’m happy to say my life’s all work and play! I keep busy working in the cannabis industry, but always find time to join the party. If I’m not twirling my life away, sipping champagne on a rooftop or laughing so hard I cry, I must be sleeping.

No, not working, though I do all these things there too.

This year I hope to see all our lives shifting towards a more familiar way of life. I miss sweaty dance floors and guiltless friendly affection. But I miss traveling more than anything. If I miss another birthday in Europe... well let’s just not think like that.

I’m loving getting to know everyone in this group and look forward to spending more time with them in this new year. I already have a few favs... and least favs. Let’s see where this goes. It’s gonna be quite a ride.

Tune in every week to read more about me and the tea.

Until then,


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