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The Premiere of SHINE is Coming

As everyone awaits the return of the hit competition series online, fans have been asking when they can expect Season 3.

More than ever before, contestants this season traveled from across the United States to prove their worth. The producing team, led by BTV Digital Studios, have put in place rigorous health and safety protocols to ensure that the set is as safe as possible. Due to these precautions, filming is also taking longer than before. Social distancing on set with cast and crew was required during the audition tour and everyone was permitted to wear masks when not on camera. Protocols you will see first hand when episodes start airing in 2021.

What makes Shine such a spectacle? Producer and Head of Unscripted at BTV, Joel Parent, weighed in, "It's the magic our judges create. It doesn't matter who walks in the room, each contestant feels special. They don't rush and they genuinely enjoy their jobs. You can feel the heart of our show each season."

Judges, Brandon Stewart, Ashthon Jones and 2'Live Bre on Set

Shine is about a select group of undiscovered artists who are put head to head, learning to write their own lyrics, finding their own voice and making their own music. They are only permitted to use their own songs in their battle for the spotlight. Cable competitions like American Idol and The Voice promote singers performing songs we've heard before, covering radio classics. Shine highlights the work of the artist performing their own music.

Veteran judge and creator, Brandon Stewart, mentioned, "(he's) not the only one being tough this year. The stakes are high." Stewart has been known to express his opinion quite openly on the panel in season's past. This year is different he says. "I found myself saying yes when (Ashthon Jones and 2'Live Bre) were saying no."

Brandon Stewart | Courtesy of IMDB

"Every year for an artist is crucial. The more time that passes, the more irrelevant you become. Everyone is yearning for that hit song that garners radio play for years and engages their demographic. The music industry is tough. Migrating through a pandemic with stay-at-home orders in affect, forced many of our contestants to write." Stewart seemed eager for this season.

"This will be my favorite season yet. Shine provides smiles and inspiration for our fans. It's that 'I can do anything' type of attitude we instill; and it's true."

Stewart is currently filming a new reality series that follows him, and others, take on the trials and tribulations of Hollywood life. The synopsis is kept under wraps right now, but we do know Shine will be featured.

The audition tour has already taken place, but producers encourage new hopefuls to submit their auditions online. You can submit here.

Shine is produced by BTV Digital Studios. Executive producers include Brandon Stewart, who also serves as showrunner, and Derek Williams, with Parent and Melanie Stewart serving as producers. BTV distributes the series worldwide.


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