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The Road Back to Sisterhood Won't Be Easy on "Sister Rules"

A serenity circle put us all in our feels for the second episode from Sister Rules.

Leesa Ward, one of the stars from the new reality series, finds a "pivotal point" in her relationship with her sister, Maria Mekus, as she explained in her confessional. A point where she believes could turn the tides on their sisterhood for the better.

The audience was hooked after the premiere gave us a short introduction to who the women were and why they've been struggling in their relationship. And it all started with Ward's legal troubles. A three year investigation alleged Ward of stealing from 34 victims, promising a return on investment at her real estate office. She has then found guilty of a Ponzi scheme.

During the episode, Ward took Mekus to a serenity circle, located in the hills of Burbank, California. She planned a day full of nature, meditation and honesty, where the two of them would work past the trauma that has kept them apart. By the end of the episode, they both admit what they need to leave in the past, and find solace in one another.

Though there is still underlining tension between the two, they did find a newfound respect for one another.

The shining moment of the episode was when Ward quoted her book that detailed her experience around what really happened all those years ago.

Leesa Ward at the Premiere of "Sister Rules" | Getty Images, Albert Ortega

Fans can really tell there is much to unpack between the two of them, and both understand the strength it takes to persevere. Mekus even broke to tears when explaining the hardships they've faced and overcome.

But soon after the beautiful moment, the episode ends on a cliffhanger when Mekus admits to having found lumps on her breasts. A surprise that neither sister saw coming since, "cancer runs in the family" according the Ward.

Maria Mekus in "Sister Rules"

Though fans have been incredibly supportive since the premiere last week, sources close to the ladies confirmed that producers struggled to keep the two on the right path. "It was hard to face what really was," Mekus told BTV Insider. "I mean what you see on the show is very real."

Next week fans can look forward to uncovering how serious Mekus' possible cancer battle could be, and settle in for more details on the prison sentence set forth for Ward.

The series was created by Brandon Stewart. It was executive produced by Stewart, and co-executive produced by Mekus and Ward. The series streams on Mekus' YouTube channel on Sundays at 12:00pm PST / 3:00pm EST.

The first episode aired on March 12th. Tune in early on Sundays to be part of the live chat with Mekus and Ward each week.


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