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The "Shady Sisters" Face Off (TGLA Exclusive)

Demetre Durham and Brandon Stewart, from The Getaway Los Angeles, are at an impasse following their last cast trip to Big Bear.

As far as we know, Brandon and Demetre have never had problems before now. Recently Demetre wrote, "...with all the things going on right now, there’s still a lot of messy he say, she say going on." He went on to call out Cliff, who previously insinuated Demetre is inauthentic only reaching out online; in his blog post here. Then Demetre directed his attention toward Brandon and it was open fire.

In Demetre's blog last night titled "Work Hard, Play Harder", he caught us up on his weekly adventures, then took shots at Brandon; who's previous blog called Demetre out for his alleged remarks he made to Alitalia. Feeling confused yet? Well, that's why we are here to break it down for you.

From the blogs posts we've gathered, Cliff spoke out about Alitalia Adams and Marlene Ortiz not being genuine about their friendship (shading Demetre, Brandon and a few others along the way). Then, Alitalia and Demetre spoke soon after, which is where things got spicy. Brandon claims after that conversation, Alitalia and him spoke and that's when he was supposedly triggered.

In Brandon's blog, "Paint the Truth" that hit 7 days ago, he said "I guess after Cliff's post, which pretty much called out half of the cast, Demetre got riled up enough to ring Alitalia. That's when I heard from her that he said everyone was talking mess about her and her business in Big Bear. She said he insinuated I wasn't a real friend to let people sit around a table talking about her. Demetre... why? You are always stirring the pot boy."

He then continues in the same blog saying, "Demetre will nonchalantly poke at people and forget he even did anything." Throughout the blog, Brandon mentioned several things that bothered him about Demetre. "I started brand new this year with Demetre. After all that, shady comments and lies continued by week one."

Brandon went on, "I really find Demetre fun, at times, he just crosses the line too often. I'm slowly starting to think he's gaslighting the actual tea that spilled in Big boy, you bring the mess every time."

Brandon isn't the first to shed light on some of Demetre's Big Bear drama.

Immediately following the trip, Cliff kicked off the Big Bear tea-rade with his blog post on December 15th talking about Marlene falling down the stairs (which we are not proud to say that we can't wait to witness) to "people grabbing asses." It was a bit vague, but we knew something had happened.

Demetre didn't mention anything about any booty touching in his blog post on December 24th; apart from throwing a little shade Brandon's way regarding an unfortunate Cosco trip. That's a story for another time.

Brandon's boyfriend, Justin Byrd, then chimed in on December 29th in his blog post to bring us all the clarity we needed. He wrote, "It wasn’t until the last night things got interesting. It all started off with some drinks, and it ended with Roberto grabbing my ass inappropriately."

He continued, "It was uncomfortable, and it wasn't just me he made passes at. Ian has his story too."

Demetre's boyfriend, Roberto Hannibal, posted in his blog on December 14th, a day before everyone else sewed their oats, that he "loves that Ian is coming around more. Our group is so solid right now." So everything seemed to be fine; or appeared that way to him. Not so much 'appropriate' to the other cast members.

We are certainly reeling to know what the juicy details are. What happened the night everyone keeps referring to? In Demetre's blog last night, he mentioned the only people that told him about what went on was Shaka Smith and Alitalia. He claims he was not there, and explains why it should have been discussed when him and Roberto were present.

So now you're filled in, at least enough to understand, a bit more background of Demetre and Brandon's feud.

As we mentioned above, in Demetre's newest blog last night, he hit Brandon back.

Demetre wrote, "Apparently I was ‘riled up’ by Cliff’s blog post; which is news to me. If anyone knows me, it takes a lot to get me ‘riled up’ because I don’t really give people that much power over me."

Then he continued, " looks like Brandon wrote on his blog this week about things that I’ve said, but of course, he hasn’t talked to me about any of it." Demetre was most upset because he feels Brandon has been told to bring his problems directly to the person he has them with, instead of chatting with them amongst the group.

Demetre wrote, "It’s funny because Rachel and I both confronted him about talking to the person directly and not other people. But of course, here we go again." He had clearly had enough as he finished his blog with, "I understand that sometimes people may not do well with addressing things directly, or in person."

The heat was heavy as the two were clearly not seeing eye to eye on a few situations. And that's when Brandon responded back to Demetre this morning, in a blog titled, "Dear My Shady Sister".

He had responses to just about everything in Demetre's blog, even regarding why he didn't go to Demetre right after Alitalia told him what he allegedly said. "The reason I didn't go talk to Demetre about what I heard from Alitalia is because I've known Demetre to stir the pot many times before this. It's his personality trait at this point and I'm learning it's not something that's going to change." Brandon wrote.

He said he was "exhausted" and then near the end he wrote, "I danced this song once before and confronted him for it. We started new and now here we are."

The blog was all about Demetre, from start to finish. And let us say, it was filled with some tea. It's safe to say this may be juiciest blog since Cliff's controversial 'fake' friends posting.

Brandon opened his blog with, "One thing you don't do is come for somebody's character who has helped build you up." He listed the things he's included Demetre in, which he feels Demetre doesn't return him the same courtesy. "You talked all during your last blog about how you like to build people up. Let me just say, that's exactly what I do with everyone around me... including you." He mentioned introducing him to friends that he now collaborates professionally with, all the way to helping develop Demetre's on-screen portfolio, casting him in several different projects.

Brandon even listed #TGLA as one of the projects he helped get him in on.

The blog is long, and details several events throughout; moment by moment, so you won't get lost. He talks about his confrontational skills, admitting that this can be a downfall for him at times being a "problem solver." He wrote, "I have called everyone on their shit if and when they smell like it."

He continued, "I'm never short on pulling somebody to the side and having a conversation. Just like I did with you Demetre, when you talked in circles on why you didn't include BTV in your Christmas giving event." Brandon certainly wasn't happy hitting with comments like, "The one who has never confronted people is you, swamp queen. You stir the pot and do a little disappearing act, pretending you have no idea how things got started."

The feud between our two shady sisters has begun. We even took the liberty to modifying our original picture to better fit our two favorite bitching queens.

Do you think they'll mend fences and find some common ground? Or is their friendship nearing the end of its rope? Watch how the two of them got to this place when the series premieres this Summer.


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