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The Top 18 Finalists Revealed on Shine (Spoiler)

Last night's episode of Shine revealed the Top 18 finalists moving on in the competition.

The remaining 18 artists include:

Creator of the series and judge, Brandon Stewart sits on the duding panel on Shine season 3. You can watch it on Brandon TV BTV available Sunday nights. The top 18 reveal.
Judge, Brandon Stewart on Shine

Aprina Johnson

Christian Agnew

Courtney Holloway

Dakara Cooper

Deuces Cunningham


Elizabeth Cuite

Fleming Moore

Iman Dillard

Jamel White

Jon Gambino

Kryst Kruer

Maggie Hollis

Old Tre

Rachel Maddox

Stephanie Patton

Zakeyion Anderson


During last night's episode, the judges cut 30 finalists to 18. Some favorites left, including a contestant they saved as a wildcard in the eliminations before - Child of God (known as C.O.G. on the show).

The show is getting better and better. The teaser in last week's episode showcased a late night bonfire celebration, following eliminations, and an upset Iman Dillard talking about how "unprofessional" the other contestants are being. She was packing her bag, so many fans thought she would be sent home - but she wasn't.

Judge, 2'Live Bre makes his final decision on Shine regarding Iman Dillard. Brandon TV BTV.
Judge, 2'Live Bre on Shine

During the final elimination of the night, Dillard and Ava Lyons were the final two left. And one of them had to go. After some deliberation back and forth, the judges voted who they felt should go and who they felt should stay.

Brandon Stewart, creator of the series, voted for Dillard to stay. Ashthon Jones, Grammy winning artist, voted Lyons to stay. This left the power in 2'Live Bre, a hip-hop artist, with the final word. He leaned what he knew, voting Dillard to stay and Lyons to go.

Then when the contestants were released, they had to find a partner for the next challenge. Dillard found herself with Old Tre , where she later opened up to judges, Jones and Stewart, about why she "doesn't like him."

Catch new Shine episodes on Sunday nights only on BTV.


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