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Time to Celebrate

I just want to thank God for guiding me through my 29th birthday(March 25)!

I wanted to celebrate somewhere I've never been, so I chose San Francisco! Last year, I celebrated quarantined with my parents in VA (which was amazing), but it was cool to experience somewhere new in the first stages of post covid. Most places closed by 9pm, so I had to strategically plan where I was going to go.

I stayed at the Grand Hyatt in the heart of downtown, near a mall,

Chinatown & cute cafes. My goal of any trip is to eat until I sleep and I did just that! Unfortunately, the food is very hit or miss in SF... take reviews with a grain of salt lol The first night, I ate at Fog Harbor where I enjoyed lobster tails and seafood pasta... looking out into the bay where seals were at play.

The following day was landmark day. I visited the first and last Black Panther Party headquarters. The BPP was originated in SF, so it was an absolute must to witness. The first hq is now black owned, It's All Good Bakery. Inside there's Huey P Newton memorabilia and pecan pie nostalgic of my Louisiana childhood.

How amazing to see the national hq for the Black Panthers. Whoever lives there now must get some powerful energy surges.

The only thing I didn't get to experience was the Muir Woods, that has miles of gigantic redwoods and other beautiful plants. Next time, I'll do more nature related activities and perhaps tour Silicon Valley.

Although SF wasn't my fave city or fave place for food, having the opportunity to travel despite everything this year is such a blessing. I'm thankful for all of my experiences and look forward to the next advendure.

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