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Tis the Szn 🎄

”It’s the most wonderful time of the year." 🎶

I’m still on cloud 9 over our winter #Getaway. I will be the first to admit that when they mentioned going anywhere cold, I was not excited.

"She wasn't readyyyyyyy" haha!

I can honestly say that it's the most fun I've ever had with this group. There was another level of good vibes on this trip. Something that's hard to put into words, but for you our fellow readers, I will try.

You know I always keep it 100 with y'all so listennnn... I was losing my s**t the week of because first of all your girl is no snow bunny

...or at least I wasn't yet lol.

I was going around town making sure I had everything for the trip, making sure everything was good with work.

I was still able to attend a friends small #Christmas gathering. Its important to surround ourselves with good people especially during this time. Everyone was tested beforehand and it was simply a good time.

Left to right: Eggy, Stella, Marlene, Biker Kendy, & Danny

"Just hear those sleigh bells jingling, ring tingle tingling too..."

So like any good Marlene carpool, I was bumping on my way to pick up our newbie Reyna in the LBC. Brandon had introduced us over text, but we had never met.

Well let me tell you this girl is a spitfire! So full of light and wisdom beyond her years. Right away we clicked and it just never stopped.

She's like the little sister I never knew I wanted lol.

"My crew is a very big deal..."

So it begins....first off let me say that this cabin was HUGE and sooo gorgeous. One by one we all started to pour in and arrive.

Hugs and shots all around because we were there for a good time not a long time. So happy to finally reunite with my #GetawayDolls, and of course, Kasi is missing from the picture below because she's always late lol.

That night was our first night and something came up that I had been dreading to speak about. It was finally addressed, but thankfully I had my second family there for support and even hugs. So here I go...

"First off, f**k that b**ch and the clique she claim."

I was a victim of #harassment.

There I said it. It went beyond bullying or social media trolling. My life was threatened. I was being stalked and whoever this person is needs help.

I ended up having to go to extremes to get this person off my back. I felt helpless, lost, and alone. Thankfully I believe in a higher power and knew that this too shall pass. I just want to personally thank my family and friends for constantly checking in on me to make sure I was okay.

Every call, text, and hug didn't go unnoticed.

And I want to make something really clear... if you are a victim of any wrong doing it is okay to ask for help. You are not weak, dumb, or less than if you do. So make the report and do what you have to do boo. You got this.

Now to our next adventure, which was...

"Totally Tubular!"

If you have never gone #snowtubing, what are you waiting for. Saturday was so much fun. We all had such a blast. We screamed, we laughed, and boy did we slip. Carpool karaoke for the win...ALWAYS. Our crew has a love for singing, even if we usually only do it in the shower. #Money by Cardi B was our banger.

Dinner that night was fancy and fun. Mo and Justin threw it down in the kitchen, like always, and made us such a fantastic meal. We played "Gingerbread Trap House," which I helped Brandon plan. It was such a success. We all were in groups of 3 and got super creative and messy lol.

Team BIG DICK ENERGY took the win that night which consisted of Shaka, Reyna, and myself. That colombian drug lord Miami mansion didn't build itself honeyyyyy haha.

"Whoever thought putting carpet on stairs was a good idea, your moms a h**"

You guys I ate s**t on the second night. I fell super hard and fast... down the stairs. Bruises and cuts to prove it lol. Stairs are definitely NOT my friend. Was it funny, yes. Did it hurt... AB-SO-FREAKIN-LUTELY lol.

"Third times a charm."

And on the 3rd day of the Get-a-way the G-LA crew gave to long friends!

Pictured: Demetre, Justin (twinning), and SURPRISE...Cliff joined us!

Kasi, Reyna and I

After Brunch we all changed into our Christmas sweaters and suprise suprise, Justin and I were #twinning. We had a good laugh about it.

So now it was off to the Village for some sightseeing and walking around. Brandon got a call while we were there and I'm just glad we were able to be there for him.

The last night was good.

Dinner was delicious and we all had our final night looks. We played a giant, never-freakin-ending game of UNO. I got pretty hammered lol.

Overall - perfect way to send off our last night in the squad cabin.


I had alot to say and I know alot was left out so you'll just have to wait and see when our adventures air next Summer. But for now... hugs, kisses, and GOOD VIBES.


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