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Hold on, it's going to be a wild ride! Hi, I'm Rachel Rendon. I'm a business minded 22 year old with a cosmetic line; Translucent Cosmetics.

I work hard and play harder. I'm confident in what I want and...heads up, I get it. People call me when they want to have a good night full of drinks and laughs, but don't get it wrong, I keep it classy.

This group is hard working, thats why we get along so well. The love runs deep and the loyalty even deeper. We are coming off of some heat from our 4th of July trip, which I'm sure you'll hear plenty about. Our group is full of big personalities which can sometimes lead to drama.

And yes, the type you can't take your eyes off of it.

Speaking of not taking your eyes off of things...let me share my logo! As I mentioned, I have a cosmetic line that just launched.

Logo created by Demetre Durham, cast member on the show.

My line is dedicated to lip and skincare. I've been obsessed with the beauty industry for years. As a makeup artist, it's rewarding to see my clients happy. Like my business, I am transparent. There's nothing I'm looking to more than more time with my clique.

Stay tuned for more from me.

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