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Tricks & Treats

Is October over ALREADY?! Geez! Okay so let’s rewind.

The day after we returned from Vegas, Berto & I flew right back out to Atlanta for a red carpet premiere for a scripted series I filmed last month.

It was an amazing trip!

The event went extremely well & had an awesome turn out. We stayed with my best friend, Aryes, who’s a professional dancer/choreographer.

It was so good to see and be around her!

I was definitely appreciative of the time her & Berto got to spend together too.

After we got back to L.A. it was time to finally rest and enjoy the rest of October. I love Halloween and all the movies, specials, and spooky things that come along with it.

The apartment is decked out in all kinds of witchy, Halloween goodness.

I’ve been getting myself in the spirit by watching all of my favorite Halloween movies. Looking forward to stopping through Marlene’s Halloween house party as well. It will be the first time we’ll all be together since Vegas! I wonder what type of tricks and treats people have ready for that day?

Guess we will see.

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