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"I cant talk right now, I'm doing hot girl shit."

A new year is here, full of wonder, full of love, and full of new beginnings. This year is what you make of it. Focus on the bad and that's all you will see... but focus on the good and blessed you will be.

All is calm and all is bright.

Christmas came and went. For the first time in, I don't know how many years, I spent it at home with just my immediate family. Just us 4 like when we were kids.

I worked a half day on Christmas Eve and then came home to #tamales. Can you say De-li-cio-so hahaha. My mom and brother worked very hard making them the weekend prior.

I usually help but this year I simply supervised.

The COVID pandemic has really changed the way we live. There were no fancy Christmas pictures, nor were there pretty cards this year. I still wanted to do a little photoshoot, of course, so my parental units obliged. I am their favorite daughter after all... who am i kidding I am their only daughter. LOL!

They dressed in their favorite clothes from some of our hometown favorite brands #SUAVECITO and #GUNTHERS. That #SantaAna pride runs deep.

"Y vamos abriendo puertas y vamos cerrando heridas."

(Meaning: Lets start opening those doors and start healing those wounds)

New Years

Last year made me fearless. It made me open my eyes and it tested me beyond measure. Now look, here I am still standing and not giving 2 fucks.

There is no "New year new me" there's only a "New Year Improved Me". I am #STRONG, I am #POWERFUL, and most importantly... I am myself.

So here's to new beginnings. May this year bring everyone an abundance of blessings and only thee best of vibes.

Until next time,

Mar 💋

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