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Vegas Virgin

Vegas was the most fun I've had in a long time! I was actually really nervous going into it. You never know what this group can get into. The first night was a mess as I'm sure you've heard from everyone else's blogs. The dinner was a shit show, but I loved chitchatting with the boys of the group (they can be catty too btw).

Anyway the night went on and I was determined to make my first night in Vegas a fun one. Kasi so kindly invited us to her friends Sky Suite at the Aria and at first I was tired but Vegas is all about "whats next?" so I put on a corset and knee highs and went anyway. Thank God I did because it was such a blast! Alitalia, Demetre, Berto and I had such a fun time enjoying the view and getting down with the music. I don't know if anyone remembers because we haven't talked about it since but we got a couples number that night too.....for networking......I think. Lol. Night one turned into a great night.

I was rooming with Mo and Alitalia and I was the last one to sleep every night, because I was popping my Vegas cherry!! Second night was pool day and Mo was feeling some weird way towards Alitalia and I. I get it, we've all had problems with Sev and being friends with him is controversial but as I told Mo, I'm not going to blindly follow someone. Especially if I don't have the best past with them. Anyway, I love Mo and she can be my mom any day. Dinner that night was fun but I still felt people were on edge. Not until karaoke did people loosen up and sang their hearts out. All the girls singing "Thank You, Next" to Kasi was iconic. This ex she has is really pissing me off, he made her cry too many times when she should have been having FUN.

The next day we did axe throwing and thats when I wanted to say "Thank you, next!". I am a little terrified of sharp objects and having a whole group of not entirely sober people with blades around me didn't sound fun. Anyway I faced my fear and threw that axe HARD. I can check that off my list. Didn't leave that place without a worker randomly following me on ig. I swear I attracted the creepiest of people. Lol. Anyway that night we threw Kasi a surprise birthday party and it was so much fun.

We ate Mo's and her mom's bomb cooking and sang WAP with Kasi's bff, Ian. I had a great heart to heart with Marlene and Alitalia about how all men do is disappoint me. Hahaha.

We tried karoaking again that night, but the past couple days had us EXHAUSTED.

I was ready to go to sleep, when I found Alitalia had snatched my pillow.

I asked Demetre if I could borrow one of his, but I was so tired I couldn't make it back to my own bed....woke up with one eye lash. I'm just gonna say that picture sums up how Vegas left me.

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