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Vital Luxury

Being an entrepreneur is all glam and no work...said no entrepreneur ever!

Let’s get real... trying to navigate though life while building your own companies is a challenge. I’m so happy to share the real BTS with the BTV family and all of you!

My friends & I will tell you, working for yourself is the definition of grinding. We all need a break every now and again to recharge & let loose! Knowing my friends, our mini vacations are gonna be a literal TRIP. It’s important to get a little R&R (rowdy & ratchet) before getting back to the money!

They say that diamonds are made under pressure... well, they forgot to include anxiety, focus and self love! My diamonds, SteerPro Events and Lusso Vitale Beauty reflect the creative and luxurious sides of myself. SteerPro is a full scale event company specializing in immersive experiences. Lusso Vitale is a destination for press on nails, mink lashes and natural hair extensions.

Anything I create is going to be memorable and glamorous of course. Check my posts here every week for the sauce leading up to the Getaway premier!

💋 Alitalia Adams

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