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Watch "The Getaway Los Angeles" in an Early Access Premiere

The producers of the new reality tv series, The Getaway Los Angeles are looking to entice fans in an early accessible premiere leading to their Summer launch on a major streaming platform.

The premiere episode is 40 minutes long, jam-packed with spicy introductions from a sizable cast and drama that puts us all on the edges of our seats.

According to an Instagram post from co-creator and executive producer, Brandon Stewart, the series will be released on a "major streaming platform" this Summer. Brandon also plays an integral role in the series, and teases an announcement coming soon.

BTV Insider can confirm that the episodes following the premiere will be dropping this Summer and it will be free to stream.

Brandon Stewart and Matt Sarafa, first episode of The Getaway Los Angeles. Brandon TV. Celebrity Fashion Designer. American Idol. LGBT. LGBT Shows. LGBTQ reality tv show. Reality tv shows. BTV. TGLA.
Brandon and Matt

In the first episode, Brandon is seen introducing us to his circle of friends during a lunch with Matt Sarafa, a designer from Project Runway who now makes regular appearances on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

So the cast starts strong, as Brandon is a young gay studio executive, and Matt is a gay celebrity fashion designer. One who is quick to remind us that he's designed clothes for Doja Cat, Tyra Banks and many others.

The last time the two were together was at Beauty Con, alongside Kandi Burruss. So upon their arrivals at lunch, the two catch up. That's when Stewart asks how many members of his clique Matt knows, where he admits to knowing a few and not knowing most of the others. Brandon invites him to get to know everyone and possibly join in on their group excursions the next time they take one - and the journey begins.

As the episode progresses, we meet a variety of cast members including Alitalia Adams, Monique Martin, Demetre Durham, Roberto Hannibal, Eric Severin 'Sev' Velazquez and Rachel Rendon.

Rachel Rendon, Alitalia Adams, Demetre Durham and Severin Velazquez in The Getaway Los Angeles Episode 1 on Brandon TV. BTV. Reality TV. LGBTQ web series. Gay tv show. BTV. Tubi. Reality TV.
Rachel, Alitalia, Demetre and Severin

Feuds are teased in the opening teaser of the episode among almost everybody, but the one that sticks by the end of the premiere is between Sev and Alitalia.

Ultimately, Alitalia is allegedly a "call girl" according to Sev. And he seems to remember Alitalia telling him that herself in a car ride with another cast member we don't meet yet, Cliff Watson. All of this drama goes down after Sev makes amends with Rachel, who he had beef with after an incident on the 4th of July.

Martin is also seen making strong accusations about Velazquez's character in the first episode, which seems to be a running theme surrounding the majority of the group.

The series was created and Executive Produced by Joel Parent and Brandon Stewart, and produced by Justice Bowens.

Who's your favorite so far? Watch the early access premiere of The Getaway Los Angeles on BTV and stay tuned to see where this spicy reality show lands this Summer.


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