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What Happens in Vegas...

Vegas was a trip!!! What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas... Until Now.

So much happened, good and bad. Before we get to the bad, let's talk about the good. We had a blast! My personal favorite moments were our first karaoke visit and Kaci's surprise birthday party!!! Watching her be happy made my heart melt.

Now with everything good there is always some drama. Unfortunately, Sev found himself in the middle of drama with a few people in the group. I hope everyone can mend things and move forward. I love this group and hope we can continue growing our friendships. With all that said, I look forward to meeting up with everyone when we get back and unwinding!

But first, a nap!!

P.S. - Always make sure your girlfriends have a pair of slippers when you go out. Happy birthday Kasi.

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