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Where’s Rachel Been?

Hope I didn’t miss anything at the Halloween Party! I decided to stay lowkey this time around and spend the night with a guy I’m seeing. No one has met him yet because I’m still testing the waters myself!

I decided to dress up as Cher from Clueless (one of my favorite movies).

I even went to the Circus Liquor - where they filmed a scene in NoHo.

Besides Halloween, I’ve been busy with work; being a server and a bartender is so much fun, but can get draining. Dealing with all walks of life and then throw in the election! It‘s been stressful.

Talking about the election, I actually got a little emotional while voting. I’m a first generation Mexican-American and I feel privileged having the right to vote. I did it for my father, who couldn‘t vote this year and my best friend, Monica, who is here on DACA. Now we have to keep them accountable for their promises!

Anyway, I’ve been more active on my instagram so follow me there for more day to day fun! See you all next week. 🤍

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