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Work Hard, Play Harder

First of all, Happy Black History Month! But remember, every month is black history month because we make history and set trends!

This year started and still is going amazing! I’ve really been taking time to work on my brands and helping others with theirs.

The creative process has been sooo good and rewarding. I’m also taking time to get my rest since I’ve been so busy. Rest is just as in important. You’ve gotta make sure you’re taking care of yourself physically and emotionally. I’m excited about everything that’s coming up.

Super proud of Alitalia for going hard on her branding and preparing herself to be Miss Jet Set!! She came and did a shoot with Berto for some product shots. She let me and my good friend Lolo model for her.

I’ve never had nails put on before so this was a little different, but I had a good time and the shots came out bomb!

Also gotta shoutout Rachel too for the shoot she had last week.

She did amazing work as usual and the model, Jess, killed it like she always does. It’s important that creatives support & lift each other up. Also, Happy Birthday again! We talked briefly about her upcoming Valentine’s party which I know is gonna be a blast!

My boo Kasi shot her commercial promo this weekend and I couldn’t be more proud! I literally love seeing friends come up and shine! I was honored to be a part of it.

She’s doing big things so look out for what she has coming up.

So apparently with all the things going on right now, there’s still a lot of messy ‘he say, she say" going on. Of course you’d never hear it from the people saying it, but instead from someone else or the blogs 🤦🏽‍♂️

Apparently I was ‘riled up’ by Cliff’s blog post; which is news to me. If anyone knows me, it takes a lot to get me ‘riled up’ because I don’t really give people that much power over me. He wrote what he wrote and what was said about me was such a reach, that I literally was confused as to why that took up so much space on his blog. If he doesn’t want me asking how he’s doing through a comment, then I won’t. Simple as that. 🤷🏽‍♂️

Also, it looks like Brandon wrote on his blog this week about things that I’ve said, but of course, he hasn’t talked to me about any of it. Lol.

It’s funny because Rachel and I both confronted him about talking to the person directly and not other people. But of course, here we go again. Lol.

As far as me making shady comments, we all do that. It’s all out of fun. However, there’s a difference between throwing fun shade, and being disrespectful. And that is what I never do. But hey Brandon, if you’d like to ask me what I’ve said regarding you, just ask me. Let’s be adults about it all.

I’m also not sure what I’d be gaslighting about either, since:

A: I wasn’t there

B: The only person that mentioned any situation to me was Alitalia and Shaka who actually told Berto. But of course it was discussed when... guess!

When we weren’t there 🙃

However, it’s all love. I understand that sometimes people may not do well with addressing things directly, or in person. But I’m here if anyone wants to talk.

In better news: Mexico soooooon! Can’t wait because it’ll be a good break from the LA hustle. I plan on living it all the way up while there. Stay tuned for pics!

Talk to you soon!

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