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Zakeyion Anderson Soared During Top 40 Performance on Shine

An early favorite and gospel singer, Zakeyion Anderson, blew fans away with his original song in his Top 40 performance on Shine last week.

Anderson's audition was one of those that was teased in Season 3 promotional ads long before the season aired. His big personality, and voice, get people excited to watch a show like Shine.

Shine is the #1 online signing competition in America that helps a group of selected artists build their own brand, write their own lyrics and release their own music.

The competition is now in full swing, as Anderson came face to face with the other competitors at a remote resort located in the mountains of Kentucky last episode. At the resort, the judges, comprised of Grammy winner, Ashthon Jones, hip hop artist 2'Live Bre and creator of the show, Brandon Stewart, will put Anderson and the others through a variety of challenges that test their creative abilities and their mental strength.

Anderson's Top 40 performance was a song titled You Thought of Me. The official Shine account on Instagram captioned it as a "performance to remember."

Zakeyion Anderson on Shine Season 3 Lecture. Brandon TV. BTV. Vocal exercise. Top 40.
Zakeyion Anderson, Shine Season 3

When we asked Shine's producer, Joel Parent, what Anderson's journey is like, he said it is "a fun one to see." When we asked about Anderson losing his temper at the end of last week's episode, Parent said "he wasn't happy about some of the mind games he felt the judges were putting him through."

Well it didn't take him long to speak up. We're told he goes head to head with one of the judges in tonight's episode. Will this put him in danger of eliminations or could it win him some brownie points?

Fans are looking forward to seeing how Anderson does in the competition - because his voice is as smooth as butter. A clear frontrunner.

Watch new episodes of Shine on Sundays, only on BTV.


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