B-day Behavior 🍾🎂

Thank you God for blessing me to see another year of life. #42

I had such an amazing bday week, thank you to my friends who spent time, called or texted me to wish me a happy bday.

Day 1:

My week started on Wednesday with Brandon and Justin as they were in my city for a romantic getaway. B called me to see if I was free. Of course I'll meet you guys lol...

I met them at their cute go-kart world date, then we headed to Buffalo Wild Wings for some happy hour time. Justin wouldn't be able to make the other plans for the week because he was making that 💵🙌🏾

Priorities Hunnie!! Love me some Justin 😘

Day 2:

On my actual bday Joel, B, myslef and my best friend Lisa went to dinner. I was truly feeling myself. 🤭 I did a couple of tiktok videos and had a photo shoot that. Thank you Joel. We had so much fun just being able to laugh, drink, talk and relax.

You know I had to do the 'walk challenge.'

Our producer, Joel, who I love love. 💜💛 He's hyping me up. 🤣

Then I had to do the buss it challenge. 😁

Day 3:

For anyone who knows, me I can only handle going out one day; but I was enjoying myself so much. I made sure not to drink too much so that I would be able to handle the next few days.

Myself, Joel, B, Cliff and Kasi all went to dinner in Orange County. Afterwards we did an Escape Room called Cabin 13. Jason was coming to find us! We didn't make it. Lol

Left to right: Kasi, Me, Brandon, Joel and Cliff

I've never done an escape room, but I will most definitely be returning. Thank you guys again for such an amazing time. These are the only people I really have a connection with in this group, so my invitation list was not extended out. 😏

Oh let me just say I even went out to Donkey D's after the Escape Room.

Lmao. 🤣🤣🤣

When Cliff mentioned they would be going to Donkey D's, he hugged me and said thank you Mo we had fun.

I said I'll go... LOL!! Cliff's face was priceless. Like WHAT you're going? 🤣 OLD my ass, I stayed out the whole night with them.

Vlogging Receipts 🤣🤣 I was there dammit.

I ended my bday bash with my mom, sister, and dad. They all took me out Saturday and Sunday. We had lunch, so it's safe to say I am just getting my life back today. Meaning I was exhausted!! 🤣🤭

Now that ish is back to business, I was reading the blogs and got blown away. People got BIG BALLS now I see. Let me just say I inserted myself, my opinions and thoughts when I feel they needed it. So if I said anything on IG when the comments were getting out of hand, I meant just what I said.

I have sat back and watched all of Brandon's so-called friends become besties with other cast members overnight. Like I said, anyone who has a start up company, I personally feel, has used Brandon's platform for their gain. It did not take Alitalia or Demetre's blogs for me to see this. I mentioned this to B some months ago.

Watch the people you call friends, my mom use to always tell me, you don't have friends you have associates. That has stuck with me my entire life and that's why I feel the way I do about people. I can see right through their bullshit. B is more than a friend to me, he is my brother. So when I see someone hurting or talking about his character, yes I'm speaking up.

If B is wrong I have no problem letting him know just that and he knows that as well. But in this situation, if Alitalia or 'Metre heard some shit that he said months ago, then they should have spoken to him at the time.

Y'all just met each other in this group. So if B is your bestie, and you guys had that type of relationship, you should have approached him if you think he really doesn't like you. You didn't, so it's B.S. then.

Everyone is guilty of he said she said, this mess didn't just start with the V-day party. Let me just say that no one is responsible for making sure that Alitalia or any other grown person gets a ride from point A to B. The excuses and blame for not arriving to a party is no one else's fault but yours.

Left to right: Rachel, Brandon, Me, Matt, Cliff and Marlene

I'm called Mama Mo (Muvva), not because I'm trying to be their mother in the group, it's just that I feel like I'm with a bunch of kids.

If I call someone my friend I always want them to watch the people they surround themselves with. I have seen and been through a lot, so I can see right through a person's B.S. when I meet them.

It's no love lost to me what so ever, if anyone has an issue with what I have said. Never bite the hand that feeds you.

Until next time,

Mo tha Muvva out ✌🏾