Big Bear, Shade 😎 and A Baby 👶🏾

OMG!! Big Bear was amazing! 🥶

So when Brandon first told me that our next #Getaway would be to Big Bear, I wasn't thrilled. It's cold. To be truthful, I don't like leaving my house.

How weird is that? 😂

I'm the person who says, "dang I'm bored and need to get out of the house..." but as soon as I'm out too long, I'm ready to go back home.


Anywho... I drove out to Big Bear alone; just the way I like I it. I love my peace and listening to my playlist. I was set to leave at the same time as Brandon and Justin. We planned to link up at Costco before heading to the cabin.

Well, we arrive at Costco happy to see each other - as always. I just love them. Brandon had a pretty long list on his phone, so we decided to split that list up. Justin and I are in charge of food and Brandon is in charge of drinks. As we are looking over this list, we can't find any of the items. We then noticed that this list did not include any of the items needed for the entrees.

We brought this to Brandon's attention, when he told Justin and myself that this was the list for the appetizers and drinks that Berto and Demetre were gonna prepare.


Sounds nice but ummm... I will already be in the kitchen trying to prepare brunches and dinners, there is no need for all of this extra on this trip.

As Brandon, Justin and I are trying to figure this out, the items in both baskets is looking like $1,000 worth of groceries, and we still haven't got everything we need. Brandon is now receiving messages that there's shade about the host being late (Brandon) and some questions about the items that are needed in order to make drinks and appetizers.

Let me tell you... Brandon is frustrated, feels unappreciated and I am feeling equally as upset! BUT - I'm gonna calm Brandon down before we get to the cabin. We decided we were only going to purchase what we need for our brunches and dinners; nothing more, nothing less.

Of course once we arrive to the cabin, no one brings up the fact that we are a few hours late nor what's on the menu. 💅

I'm all about having fun and not the shady talking behind peoples back.

Moving forward, we played a game of truths that night. It was called "Ornament Testament." One round, Demetre was taking to long to answer his question... which it really was Berto's question. BUT he had fell asleep (wasted 🤣), so I took the question for him. The question was who is your least favorite in the group?

Already frustrated with the group, not being honest about how they feel...

I said Alitalia.

Why you may ask?

I know she says she doesn't want drama, blah blah blah... but gurl. I feel like you let people walk over you and I don't like it. Stop saying how you feel to other people and speak up. We spoke later, so we should be good now.

I left a day early. I can only stand to be around a lot of people for a short period of time. On my last day, we had to show up in an ugly sweater... but you know me! I had to be different. I had the ugly skirt.

I head downstairs for the revealing and no one is dressed in ugly sweater more like hangovers and still eating on the breakfast.

The breakfast I prepared. 😆

Ok ok!! On to the greatest highlight of this year. Yes yes, you guessed it! I am officially a G'Mo.

I am in love!!! 😍

It was a good thing I left Big Bear on Sunday because my daughter started going into labor 2:30am Monday morning. Although I wasn't able to be at the hospital physically, due to Covid-19, her boyfriend FaceTime'd me. I was (virtually) there with her until she gave birth.

Since her arrival, I have been exhausted. It's like I gave birth.

Between working remotely from home to meet hard deadlines at work, to trying to be sure my daughter and the baby is okay, I have been non-stop. I wouldn't change it for anything in the world.

Being a G'Mo has been a breath of fresh air! It's a feeling that I can't even describe. Our early Christmas gift. 🎄🎁

We are ending 2020 with a bang and wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 🎉🍾

Till next my next post.

GlamMo out 🎅✌🏾