GETAWAY: New Reality Series

Whether you love to hate it, or hate to love it, reality TV is one of the most addicting entertainment genres there is.

After the success of the #1 competition short form series, Shine, BTV has officially ordered the first season to what could be the next big hit for reality TV fans online.

Getaway is all about a group of friends that take getaway vacations to better their relationships, their bucket lists and their business ventures.

As much as we love to escape into the world of imagination on all of our favorite scripted shows, sometimes a little dose of reality is just what we need. Let's be honest, watching real people, just like us, migrate uncomfortable situations makes for the best on-screen excitement. Without shows like Getaway, and other reality TV alike, pop culture just wouldn't be the same.

Stay tuned right here for more insider information on their upcoming production, sneak peeks and special cast announcements.


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