YASS 2021!!! 🎉🍾

New Year, new Sh*t!!!

Well the New Year is here and when I tell you I'm looking forward to some minor changes in my life...

My Confessional Look: Dec 2020

Let's start with Christmas. 🎄

It was great! So both of my kids had lots of 🎁s from myself, I mean I am a giver, I love to make everyone happy; but you know, sometimes it's difficult.

My daughter, her BF and the glambaby came to my house to spend half of the day with me. The plan was for them to spend the other half of the day with her BF's family.

First my daughter opened up all of her gifts from myself and Dawnte, then I finished preparing dinner at 12pm lol. Ok... I know that's a bit early for dinner, but when you are raised by a southern parent that's what time the holiday meals are done. Moving on!

Everyone ate. I was able to spend some time with the Glambaby, and I did not want to be selfish with our time, so I ended up dropping them off at her BF's family's. I came back home and laid down... I was extremely tired.

The GLAMbaby

Then about 30-40 mins later, my daughter asked if I could pick her up!? She said she didn't have a ride home. I am fuming, but I pick my baby up and drop her off at her house. I guess the BF's parents were asking her if her mom was going to be taking her home? Umm... excuse me!? This is the first time they were seeing the glambaby and there was no time spent. Ugh!!

Anyways.... Christmas turned out to be great and I have moved on from that.

I just love her. 😍💜💛

I have also been busy working remotely from home. It really is amazing because I get to spend more time with the Glams and help my daughter with her errands. I'm really enjoying this time.

The New Year was approaching and of course, that meant I had to change my hair lol. New Year... new hair! All year long, it's never really a new me, I'm always the same person.

For the New Year there wasn't much to do or plan for, since everything is shutdown; and we are trying to stay safe. We decided to get a suite for the evening, grabbed food from Bossanova, watched Scarface.

Scarface is one of my favorite movies! So other than that, we watched the ball drop.

YASS!!! My tired ass made it to 12am 🎉🥳.

New Hair 2021

Over the last couple of years, I have really made some big changes/decisions in my life that have been the best for me.

I don't make New Years resolutions because I want things to happen organically, not forced.

I'm saying this because when you are such a stronge person, and you try not to let anything break you, you eventually break. I made changes in my life with family members that I choose not to talk to because there is no genuine love there. I do not force anyone to be in my life and that's something that I stand on. That goes for family, friends and associates.

So with that being said...

2021 bring your funky ass on, because I am Mo. I'm one of the strongest people you'll meet, and can handle any battle thrown my way.

Until next time #Getawayla

G'Mo out ✌🏾